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20th August 2021

We know most of us read our issue 3 of the magazine, if you missed out on it sis, make sure to read this coz it was pretty amazing.  Based on the poll we did last time we wanted to talk about what else came out as a top SKY thing and what didn’t. These are the results! Whoop-whoop!




We don’t have to ask to know that most of us love dancing since it was one of the top things in our “My thing” poll. Music just revives the side of us that wants to dance all day until our feet hurt. And even if you have two left feet, haijalishi sis. You could always vibe to the music and let it take you to wherever it’s gonna take you. I guess that’s what Joyce Olong meant when she wrote the line “sweet debonair, dancing without a care” in the song “lush vibes”. If you haven’t listened to that song, tafuta!!

 And since many of us are TikTokers, we’re covered when certain challenges come through each time. It makes us feel so good when we do the dance moves right and celebrate our abilities.

 For some of us, dancing comes as a way of expressing ourselves. Imagine yourself in a room, dancing to an emotional song and expressing your feelings through how your body moves!! Isn’t that amazing?? 

 Also, if you stress up over not working out enough as much as I do, dancing can be a better alternative, it involves multiple muscles in your body. So find those dance sneakers and have the fun of your life!



Peer Pressure

This was another big no-no for a lot of SKY girls.

Negative peer pressure is when someone who is a friend or part of a group you belong to makes you feel that you have to do something to be accepted.

And because sisi ni SKY girls who are all about being true to themselves, peer pressure is not our vibe. Tunajua that when we give in to negative peer pressure, we often feel guilty or disappointed with ourselves for acting in a way that goes against what we are about.

Kuna some tactics we can tumia to help keep everybody’s respect – and our self-respect – tukijipata in a situation where we are being pressured. The greatest is to choose our friends wisely. Try to pal around with those who have similar beliefs to your own...like fellow SKY girls who are all about being true to themselves. Another one is humour which can be an effective weapon for lightening the mood while sticking to your guns. 

Whichever tactic you use, remember hakuna kitu cooler than knowing who you are and being confident in your choices.