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3rd December 2021

Imagine looking good doesn’t always require having cash, babe. Saa zingine all it takes is some creativity. You can make old clothes new with a snip and a stitch hapa na pale.  Select a few items zenya zina-need some **oomph** and with our tips unaweza breathe new life into them by making them look fresh and unique, just like you! You can also check out some great tips on how to style a shirt in 4 different ways on SISTA show season 2, episode 9, now on our YouTube channel!

Fringed T-shirt cut out

Kama uko na a top yenye imeanza kuchapa, you can make fresh with fringes! Na it’s very easy to do!

Mark a line where you want the t-shirt to end (or where you are comfortable showing some skin – 14 -15 inches is ok for most people as that is where your waistline will be) and then start marking straight lines some 1/2 inches apart. After that, cut out the fringes.

If you want a tied look, tie adjacent fringes pamoja. 

You can add some beads on the neckline and it jazzed up the worn-out neckline edge.

2. Tee into a crop top DIY

Take your old t-shirt. Kata the neckline and the bottom part of it. Now take a fabric paint and color your top with polka dots. Choose a white color to do so. Let it dry and bam! Uko na new crop top!

3. Cut Old Jeans Into the Perfect Pair of Denim Shorts

  • First, vaa your jeans and use chalk to mark your desired length. 
  • Take off your jeans and lay them on a flat surface.
  • For the most flattering hemline, weka a second mark at a one- or two-inch diagonal on the other side of the leg.
  • Connect the two marks on each side with the chalk. Use your ruler for help.
  • Ku-make sure both legs are symmetrical, measure the length from the inseam and from the waistline, helping you pinpoint where you should mark on the opposite leg.
  • Kata along the chalked, angled line with fabric scissors
  • Tease out loose denim fibers with your finger.
  • Brush your sandpaper along the edge to further fray your hem. Once you are done uko ready to go!