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3rd December 2021

Our SKY sis Ivy takes us through a typical Christmas day looks like for her in this issue’s edition of SKY Girl Diaries!


Hola Sky Fam!!

Welcome to a day with me in the Christmas season. ??

I am Ivy, 18 years old, and niko so excited to share how a Christmas day goes on my side with family and friends.?

Let me just say, a girl loves Christmas ❤️It is definitely one of my favourite holidays ?

Kawaida, Christmas mornings are always welcomed by the sweet smell of good food cooking in the kitchen. From pancakes and biryani to chicken and chapo, and all other delicacies, tunakula vizuri sana while spending time with family, cracking jokes, and dying in laughter. My best part in all this, is helping in the kitchen and doing all the “tasting”of course, LOL. 

After breakfast around mid-morning, I rush to get ready because it’s a custom for my friends and me that we go out on a Christmas day and have the best of fun. Hanging out with friends is totally my thing. 

After lots of catching up and just bonding, we have lunch together and enjoy our own company by taking pictures and short videos just for memories. ?

Since Christmas is a family thing, I get to see my siblings and parents as we go for family dinner at any restaurant. These are literally the best moments when we get together and have the best day of the year which is then completed by cake cutting, vibes and more celebrations.

The day finally comes to an end with a grateful heart, wide smiles and memories to keep forever. I hope your Christmas days are always as memorable as mine.Okay bye for now..