Take The Pledge Today


5th September 2022

What’s up SKY babes? Hakuna kitu better kama hanging out with your friends, mkichapa mastory, enjoying each other’s company and bonding. Next time uko na mabeshte wako try hizi challenges we’ve picked just for you!

  • Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

For this challenge, grab mabeshte wako and collect the supplies you need. When you are ready, pick the first person to go alafu blindfold them. To make it more fun, mnaweza set specific topics kama, drawing your favourite fruit au a piece of furniture. Get creative, hii ni challenge yenyu. 😊

What you need;

  • Pens/Pencils
  • Paper 
  • Blindfold


  • Whisper Challenge

Hii challenge inatest how good of a lip reader you are. For this utahitaji tu earphones na faya playlist. Beshte moja anavaa earphones and the other one whispers something. Mwenye anavaa earphones tries to guess what is being whispered.

  • Guess the Lyric Challenge

Nani hapendi music? If you know your lyrics well hii ni challenge yako. Everyone writes sentences ya kwanza from their favorite song on a piece of paper alafu mnaweka kwa bowl. One by one, mnapick a piece of paper and try to guess the song in 10 secs. 

  • 3-minute Makeup Challenge

If you and your besties love make-up, hii ni challenge yenyu. The rules ni simple sana, jaribu kufanya makeup routine yako in 3 minutes or less. The fastest one, wins!

  • Say anything Challenge 

Hii next challenge ni simple kabisa! In turns one person anasema word moja alafu the next person anasema word ingine. Ukirepeat word ama you take more than 2 second, a piece of tape is put on your face.