Take The Pledge Today


6th September 2022

1. With Pants

We know you’re thinking “duuhhh” but imagine, the kind of pants and the kind of sweater ina-matter. Unaweza style sweater na fitting/low waist pants kama skinny jeans. Kama pants ziko fitting then there is no need to crop the sweater, wear it as is, lakini kunja bottom ya pants zako if they are long so that ziko above your ankle. Add a cute pair of sneakers and some accessories and you’re good. 

Option ya pili ni loose fitting/high waist pants; hizi zina work better uki-crop sweater yako or ukiweka slits on the side so that inakupatia shape. Si lazima utumie makasi, you can tie a knot to crop the sweater. Pants with a flared leg zinatupea freedom because they work with almost any shoe! Sneakers, sandals or ankle boots. 

2. As a Dress

For this, you’ll need an over –sized sweater. Unaweza vaa na belt, fanny pack or cross-body bag to give you some shape, if you wear it like this wear shoes that reach your ankle. Ama, rock looku baggy with some knee or thigh high boots. Kumbuka, if the sweater is still too short unaweza vaa stockings to make it decent and keep warm.

3. Give it a Collar

By this we mean, wear it with a shirt. Hii ni looku classic na uko guaranteed ku-tesa. You will need a boat neck or V-neck sweater for this and a white shirt. Unaweza vaa shirtdress with the sweater on top as long as it has a collar or wear the shirt and tuck into pants. Ongeza necklace ku-elevate the look further. This one is a fave!

4. Layers on Layers

Hii ni perfect sana, especially when it’s really cold. You can layer your sweater so many ways! Add a coat, a scarf, a jacket, ama shirt underneath… uko na options kadha. Our favorite combo ni coat na scarf juu ya sweater, untucked shirt and fitted pants. Ongeza hat or sunglasses kama unaskia extra. 

5. With a Skirt

Long, short, denim, cotton… hai-matter btw! Sweaters zinaweza match any skirt no matter the length or material.  Lakini most times it requires either tucking the sweater in or cropping it. Be creative, unaweza tuck half and leave the other side, add a belt or a coat ama ucheze na accessories.

Kitu important nikuhave fun styling yourself and feeling good in what you’re wearing. And don’t forget you’re NEVER fully dressed without a smile. 

Make sure to tag us @skygirlske in all your sweater looks! We can’t wait to see you Fashionistas at work.