Take The Pledge Today


6th September 2022

We are back with another SKY Celeb interview! This one ina feature the one and only, Sanchez Marley. Alicheza Marto on our favorite teen series, Paa. Some SKY Girls walikuwa na maswali kumuuliza and ali come through na the answers. 

1. Niaje Sanchez! Si we’ve been looking forward to talking to you! Maisha inakupeleka aje?

~Maisha inanipeleka fiti sana. Nataka kwanza niende ushago nitulie juu hii Nairobi kuna kelele mingi. I'm doing great though!


2. So ulijua-aje acting is your thing? Tell us a little bit about your acting journey so far.

~I believe talent is God given. So when I discovered in high school that I was too dramatic for life, nili-join Drama club lol. That's where the journey ilianza. From then, I went for several auditions, did theatre, almost gave up at some point lakini wapi!! It kept calling me back, that's why I'm here.


3. And what would you say is not your thing? 

~Treating people badly si my thing at all. I value being kind to everyone I meet because the energy you give is the energy you receive. Also, smoking isn't my thing. Being cool isn't achieved by smoking.


4. What’s one thing you can say umelearn kutoka good/bad relationships?

~Loving yourself before loving someone else. Also, relationships shouldn't be draining rather, they should be fun and helpful to both partners.


5. SKY Sis Jo asks, ‘Your acting game iko juu sana na hata sisi we wanna get there. Uko na any tips for those of us who would like to act?

~Acting ina-require a lot of investment in yourself. Go for auditions, photoshoots, fanya research about the skill of acting and put yourself out there.


6. Kuna time umefeel unsure or insecure about a situation? Ulifanya nini ku-regain hio confidence?

~I read the Bible and pray. It helps me ku-regain my balance and know how to deal with all kinds of situations.


7. What have you learned from your character Marto, that you can apply to your day-to-day life as Sanchez?

~I've learnt ku-treat girls na respect. If a guy is treating you kama Marto jua unadeserve better. Unadeserve a guy who listens to you and respects you.


8. SKY Sis Jay asks, ‘Other than acting, pia wewe ni writer na voice over artist. How do you balance hizi career zote?

~Proper planning ikikujia how you go about your day inasaidianga. The scheduling of events ensures unapea equal priority to all activities you want to do in a day.


9. SKY Sis Fi asks, “Unadeal aje na pressure especially kutoka mabeshte”?

~Najitambua. So I don't even know what pressure is. Set your own pace. Be the pressure.


10. And finally, what keeps you going and how do you stay true to what you believe in?

~God's grace keeps me going. I let everything take its course juu life is all about having fun in the present. Sina pressure.


Sawa Sanchez, we love to see it! Don’t be pressured, be the pressure! Periodt. It’s always nice kuskia from a SKY Guy. Msisahau mnaweza catch Marto on PAA, Born To Fly on our YouTube channel @SKYGirlsKe