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SKY SESH: What you need to know about HIV

2nd March 2023
  • How long does it take for one to be infected by HIV/AIDS? – Minnie

If you don’t seek medication (PEP) once you are exposed, you will be infected. PEP ni a post-exposure medicine yenye unafaa kumeza within 72 hours of being exposed to the virus that can stop you from getting HIV.

Pia ni muhimu sana kufanya testing kama uko sexually active. Kumbuka HIV is spread through sexual fluids, blood and from a mother to her unborn baby.

  • Can you contract HIV through oral sex? – Kelly

Yes. Mdomo inaweza kuwa na anything like bleeding gums, a cut, or an ulcer, this can lead to mix of fluid which later leads to transmission.

  • Incase uget raped na huyo mtu ako positive, is there a way unaweza saidiwa usicontract HIV? – Martha

If you are raped, please seek medication (PEP) within the first 72 hours from the moment of exposure. Itakusaidia kuget rid of any risk at that point. Any hospital can help you in such a situation lakini its important you don’t take too long before seeking medical attention so please go as soon as you can. 

  • How long after getting infected does the symptoms start to show? – Liz

Not everyone shows symptoms when infected by HIV. The best thing is to get tested and know your status.

  • Is HIV/AIDS cure not available till now or there is more inventions of vaccines or medicine going on? - Faith

HIV cure is not yet available but kuna research going on with regard to the cure. Right now ARVs ni dawa tuna-take to help us to suppress the virus and live healthily.

  • Is it safe to date a person who has HIV/AIDs and if so, how do you ensure you don’t contract it? 

Yes, it’s completely safe to date or be friends na watu wenye wako HIV Positive. The best way ku-make sure you don’t contract HIV is to refrain from unprotected sex.

  • Kuna risk za kutumia PEP? – Nelius

Ikona some minor side effects lakini ni perfectly safe. If you don’t take it,  that’s when uatjipata at risk.

  • How does it feel to take ARVs in front of people? And how do people take it? –Melissa

ARVs are given depending with the person and the doctor. They most commonly come in form of tablets and injections in the beginning. Being comfortable ina-depend na the person’s self-acceptance. Si kila mtu akona knowledge on HIV, some will try to stigmatize you.

We hope umepata kujua more about HIV from our SKY Sistas na ukitaka more information, you can check out SISTA Show Season 3, Ep 6 on YouTube @SKYGIRLSKE where our Big Siz Doreen shares her story. 

Ukitaka kubonga na mtu confidently about HIV, STIs, sexual reproductive health and relationships, or even sexual abuse, call One2One on 1190 for free!