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True tips: Exam Season Hacks You Need To Know!

12th February 2021

Exams are nearly here! But a SKY girl is always what? PREPARED!

Usistress, sis! We have compiled a list of excellent exam season hacks to get you through this period bila hassles!

Handwrite your notes

We admit that handwriting your notes takes kidogo longer, lakini there is a higher chance that what your writing will actually stay in your head, and si that’s what we want?

Take breaks

Not ati a day or week-long break though. Lol. But it’s important to have breaks whilst studying. Schedule time to walk around, have a chat with a friend and think of something other than revision. Just make sure you  don’t get derailed by your friends and go back to revising after!

Get a study buddy

Not just to soma with, but someone who will help you stick to your study plan, cause heh, the distractions ouchea ni mob! Once you guys have your timetable done, check-in with each other to make sure you have done the reading, and quiz each other to help remember.

Hide your electronic devices

Try and revise for a set amount of time without looking at your mobile/laptop/tablet/TV. You will get less distracted and be able to fully concentrate on what you are reading.

Explain your notes aloud

This is where your SKY sis can come in. Once you’ve studied, explain your notes aloud to each other. This should help you remember the work better. But usifanye kwa library,  coz you guys are gonna get kicked out. Lol!

Don’t leave it until the night before

Last-minute trans-nighting is not the plan, babe. Utakuwa super stressed and it is very unlikely you will remember much. Make sure you start with enough time to get through everything.


Yes. Lala fofofo! Cutting out sleep in order to revise more will only make you remember less cause you’ll be tired. Make sure you still get a good night’s sleep when revising! Especially the night before your exam. Go to sleep and feel ready and fresh for the day ahead.

We hope these tips will help you ace those papers. Good luck, SKY sis!