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SKY Advice: What’s the best way to squash beef with a friend after a fallout?

12th February 2021

Falling out with a friend can be hella painful. That uchungu can make you feel angry, confused, hurt, jealous or disappointed. It can be really hard to get up the courage to reconnect. Luckily, kuna some things you can do to try and make up with your pal.


  • SAHAU THE ARGUMENT. Ask yourself, what’s more important - the issue you guys fell out over, or your friendship? For most of us, it’s the friendship that matters, so, to get to a better place you have to let go of the need to be right. If you’re not ready to do that yet, then it might be too soon to try to repair your friendship.


  • RESPECT NI MUHIMU. Saa zingine the tension might still be high between you and your buddy. That’s when you pick a mutual friend to let your estranged friend know that you respect them and you wanna squash the drama. This helps it sound sincere and can help you guys to start the healing convo.


  • SHOW WILLINGNESS. It can be hard to do but be the bigger person. Make it clear to your friend that you are prepared to drop the drama and to forgive and forget.


  • APOLOGIZE SINCERELY. Take full responsibility for your part in the miscommunication and say sorry for the things you may have said or done to hurt your friend.