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7th June 2021


Welcome back SKY Sis!


Wacha I start by saying thank you so much for all the great feedback from issues 1 and 2! We loved hearing from you guys so much so keep the thoughts and comments coming on our @SKYGIRLSKE social media pages!


Issue 3 is here and tuko very excited cause SKY nation came through with nothing but faya! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Tuliwauliza what your thing is and what’s not your thing and the results are out! Can you guess what came out on top? Find out on page 16!


And if you are like me and it is taking you a little time to figure what your thing is, we’ve got you covered with some useful tips on how to choose for yourself what is good for you and leave the things you are good without.


Guess nani ni our center-spread? Our #WCE and #careergoals queen, Joy Kendi sat with us to talk about how to stay winning. She gave us all the tea about content creation, how she learned early to not be afraid to be true to herself, and her number one TikTok tip! Heh! It’s a good one!


By the way, have you ever wondered what your shoe style says about you? We give you a kicks crash course kwa the true style section. We also answer all your questions on SKY advice, give tips on how to set your goals, and share our favourite self-care tips to avoid stress and stay mentally healthy!


Our SISTA show hosts are also on deck to tell us all about what goes into making the SISTA show, so if you were curious, jump over to page 39. If YouTube feels like your thing, and you have a segment idea, we would love to have you on the show. Hit us up kwa IG DMs and we’ll defo get back to you!


And of course, all your favourite features such as competitions, school hacks and SKY shoutouts are in the issue for you to enjoy.


If you have any other comments or suggestions, don’t be shy…we are always here to listen. As usual, you can reach us on the socials via Facebook or IG on @SKYGIRLSKE. 


Be True,