Take The Pledge Today


7th June 2021

Maybe you’ve been hapo wondering, “But what IS my thing?”

We’ve all been there, sis (some of us are still there!) The thing to kumbuka is that it takes time and practice to figure what we enjoy and what is good for us individually, so hakuna timetable. It takes a little bit of reflection, time and a few other tips to find out what your thing is. Here they are:

Keep trying lots of different things. 

If you are curious about what your thing might be, jaribu a few uone. Like if you are interested in photography, experiment with taking pics on your phone. Ama if you think your thing is dancing, try and learn some moves with friends. Experimenting with different activities is the only way to identify what you enjoy doing and what you can do well.

Don't be afraid to try things others don't find interesting or cool.

The whole plan ni kuwa true to who? To you! If you let other people's opinions impact what you try, you could miss out on the very thing that makes you happiest. Usitry ku-impress others, focus on impressing the only person who really matters: you.

Make sure it’s something that brings out the best in you. 

Sometimes you know from jump kama something will bring out the best in you or not. For instance, a lot of you mentioned that smoking is not your thing na hata hamujawahi try. When you know what won’t work for you, stick to your guns babe. We are team #livingourbestlife hapa!

Ask people in your life (friends, family, teachers, etc.) what your strengths are. 

Saa zingine, it can be really tough to look at ourselves objectively. Sometimes, we need to ask those who know us what they think we are good at. Unaeza pata your thing is something that comes so easily to you that you don’t even recognize it.

Have fun while looking!

Si ati sasa you let the search for your thing stress you out babe…Life is for living! Being positive and enjoying yourself will help you find what you enjoy and what is good for you, while being negative and intense will hold you back from finding it.

Usi-jicompare to others. 

Kila mtu ako different. Don't get down on yourself because your best friend has found their thing in life and you haven't. Your time will come. When you find yourself envying others, go back and read #5.

Don't do it alone

Yes, it is your thing, but imagine you don’t have to do it alone! Your journey to finding your thing will have its ups and downs. Be sure to talk about it with someone you trust like a fellow SKY sis who is on a the same journey. Kumbuka, we all need help sometimes. Failing to ask for it could only serve to make your search harder and longer.