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7th June 2021

One of our SKY sistas had a ka-issue that she wanted our help with. This is what she asked.


Saseni SKY Sistas!


So I have a ka-issue. My boyfriend always likes arguing over small things and I’m stuck between breaking up with him and compromising to save our relationship. What should I do? 


Shiru, 15



Give yourself time to decide on what you want first. Gorra be your number one priority baby girl! Once you are real with yourself utajua what to do.


Shannie, 18


Talk to him and akiskiza then you can give him a chance to change. Lakini if he doesn’t you have to let him go. Won’t be easy but you have to be true to you, boo.


Abby, 17


Maybe his intentions are not good. Give yourself some space from the relationship to see if it is a toxic one. Life is too short to deal with toxic people


Hope, 15


He should be mature enough to want to talk and to listen. If you try and he is still sticking to his way, just bounce!


Agolla, 16


You should be in a relationship that gives you peace. Hii ni red flag, sis!


Sylvia, 15


Not to be harsh, but break up. Imagine you are young and you’ll get someone who is drama-free? Not worth it.


Wamaitha, 17


Talk it out. Kumbuka it’s you guys vs the problem, not you vs him.


Consolata, 16


Take care of your heart kwanza. Muambie, and if he doesn’t listen, say goodbye. Choose peace.


Shii, 15


CO👏MMU👏NI👏CA👏TION👏 babe. Maybe he doesn’t even realize he’s always arguing. If he truly cares, he will want you to be happy and will treat you better, so talk to him.


Tess, 15.