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Care for your crown

7th June 2021

Caring for hair can be tricky when you're not sure where to start. Lakini usitense babe, with the right hair care practices you can love and enjoy your hair. Through caring for your curls you'll prevent common hair problems like breakage, dandruff, hair loss and an itchy scalp. Check out our haircare tips for different hairstyles!


Once you’ve spent hours in the salon chair achieving that perfect braided look, you’ll want to maintain the style for as long as possible. So hizi tips za ku-maintain braids:

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

While your hair is in braids, you’ll still want to keep it moisturized and healthy. Braid sprays are good for preventing your hair from drying out and are also the perfect alternative for moisture on the go.

Wash Day

Yes, braids zinafaa kuoshwa. LOL! To get rid of product buildup, you’ll need to wash your braids at around the three-week mark. Not only will this cleanse your scalp, but it will get rid of any extra weight from products and dust on your strands.

Practice Proper Night Care

Before you go to bed, it’s best to wrap your braids in a silk kitambaa or a bonnet. This can reduce friction while you sleep, and preserve your braids. If bonnets and vilembas aren’t your thing, you can also use a silk or satin pillowcase to achieve the same results.

Know when it’s time to take them out

Tukumbuke that despite all the tips and tricks to preserve braids, they’re not meant to last forever. These tips are meant to help your braids stay at their best for kitu eight weeks, but after that, it’s best to take them down to give your hair a break from the added weight. Na kumbuka that before you go for your next braid fix,  let your natural hair breathe for about one to two weeks.


The first step in natural hair care ni ku-create a simple routine that works for you. If you have a regular routine then it will be easy to know what works for you and what doesn't. Not sure where to start? The approach we recommend is simple: Cleanse, Moisturise, Style.


Ukitaka healthy natural hair, lazima you keep your scalp clean and healthy. Just as you wash and moisturise your face each day, you need to regularly cleanse your scalp. Tuna-recommend washing your scalp every 7-10 days with a gentle sulphate-free shampoo.


Unajua what causes hair breakage the most?  A lack of moisture. Your hair HATES being dry, lol. Dry hair breaks easily and as natural hair is susceptible to dryness, it is also prone to breakage. Protect your hair by locking in moisture using conditioner, natural hair oils and creams daily.


Fujo ya nini babe? Style your hair gently avoiding styles that are too tight or using combs that tug at your hair because these will cause breakage.

Avoid Smoking

We have all heard how smoking affects the lungs but mulijua it can also lead to hair loss? Imagine! Research shows that smoking ina-affect circulation because the toxins in cigarettes restrict blood flow. When this happens hair growth inakuwanga limited na pia your hair can become brittle and dry, leading to hair breakage.


If you have your hair texturized, you know that kukatika ni rahisis sana and that proper care is the only way to keep it nice and healthy.

Love your scalp

Kama uko na a dry, itchy scalp, moisturize it with a little oil. Also, cleanse it regularly. Healthy hair cannot grow out of an unhealthy scalp, and a clean scalp is conducive to good hair growth.

Trim Those Dead Ends

If your ends are weak, dried out and thin, chop them off like you chop your pocket money, sis! Stop focusing so much on length. What is the point of long hair if it’s dead? Trim off the damaged ends and start focusing on your hair’s health instead.

Deep Conditioner Is Your Best Friend

Relaxed hair ina-shed when it is dry and we don’t want that, do we? Deep condition your hair often using a hydrating conditioner and a shower cap. Try this out and see how much your hair will thrive!