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CAN YOU RELATE: Strict parents edition

7th June 2021

We love our folks and we know that they put rules in place for our own good coz hii world inakuanga hectic, BUT, sometimes the strictness inakuwanga A LOT! Lol!

It’s not easy, but imagine just take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. We can all relate to strict parent storoz. Here are a few you guys shared!


I’m 15 but I can’t even go for outings without my BIG Siz imagine! 😭



I’m definitely not allowed to have a boyfie AND they check my phone weekly!



Gosh! Me my folks are so strict to the extent that I can’t even have sleepovers! But I’m trying to negotiate with them. 😅



Heri nyinyi! I’m not supposed to speak to strangers at all na no phone calls usiku. 



I basically have to provide a full report when I leave the house 🤣 Who? What? Where? For how long? And why? Otherwise hakuna mahali nitaenda!



Ati nowadays they switch off Wi-Fi at 10:30 PM cause they don’t want us staying up all night 😿



If I want to go for a sleepover at a pal’s place I have to provide my friend’s entire family history 😂😂😂😂



If I have fun today, I can’t have fun tomorrow😂. I can only ask for permission to hangout with my plas like once a week!



Ati guy friends? 😰😰😰What are those? Not in my mother’s house!