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Mental Floss: Self-Care skills for a SKY girl

7th June 2021

How many of us have experienced anxiety? 😰 It could be pressure at school or maybe the social distress during this COVID period. Kusema ukweli, imekuwa a rough year and a half, and for a lot of us, it’s been kinda hard to stay mentally healthy. Lakini usiworry sis, si lazima we deal with all of it alone. The SKY movement has just the thing!☝️Check out these self-care tips we’ve put together to keep our mental health in check ! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


  • Reach out to a friendπŸ‘©

Who likes being alone without a friend to share issues with?πŸ’ Not us. Usipigwe na stress when you can find a friend who is willing to listen. Unajua they say, a problem shared is a problem halved. Talk about the things that are bugging you with friends you trust and not only will you feel less pressure, pia your friends can give you dope advice on how to deal!


  • Give your brain a ka-break πŸ‘Ύ

Yes, SKY girls are all about working to achieve our goals but imagine lazima tuchukue breaks? Each one of us has that one thing we love to do that just relives our stress. It can be kuimba kwa shower, kudance, kuwatch a S.I.S.T.A show episode on YouTube…even eating can be a break, bora inatoa stress. Allow yourself to take breaks, it will help you not to overthink. 


  • Unplug from social mediaπŸ“΅

We all love to explore social media to find new style, amazing music or the latest tea. But sometimes too much of something can be unhealthy. Tukiwa always on our screens inaweza lead to headaches, decreased attention, sleep issues and hata low moods. So remember to manage how much time you spend on your phone. 


  • Journal about your thoughts and feelingsπŸ“ 

How many of us have those cute pink and baby blue diaries somewhere chini ya pillow?? Sisi hatuwezi kosa those super cool SKY onesπŸ‘Œ Writing down your feelings vile ziko, or even being creative and using a special code (ndio mtu akisoma asielewe stuff zako)πŸ’ helps you sort out our feelings and relieve stress.


  • Focus on you boo🌻

Listen siz, tusipojipenda who will love us? Fall in love with yourself and treat yourself when you can with hot baths, food treats, chocolates and cute clothes! Na pia, feel your feelings sis. When you are sad, usikazieπŸ˜‚ crying is healthy and helps you feel better. πŸ’ͺ


  • Stay positive✨

Positive energy all the way. Usiogope kusmile, your smile is pretty. When life gets hectic, kumbuka that things can always get better. Also, keep friends who are also positive and are on the journey to finding their SKY, just like you. We’ve got each other, babe!