What is SKY?

SKY is a sistahood of teen girls from across Kenya. We are all about being true to ourselves and what we believe in. We are who we are, not who someone else thinks we should be. So when it comes to how we are with our friends, or what music we listen to, or what we wear, or how we look - we make choices that are true to us. After all we know what we like.

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PAA, Born to Fly, Season 2

Hey SKY Babes! Your fave teen drama series is back on your screens! Season 2 of PAA follows the life of three teen friends, Sam, Mark & Ciru as they work through life, love and loss during the school holidays.  Sam & Mark are a couple and are there for each other mentally & emotionally, but things get messy when Mark allows himself to be goaded by his childhood friend Edwin. Ciru is concerned with her mum who is struggling to keep her kibanda business afloat, after the recent opening of Ngiti Shopping Centre. Ciru finds solace in drawing, talking to Mark and laughing with Sam. How will the teens navigate the new challenges of pressure to smoke and get intimate? Will they find a way back to their true selves and each other? Catch the show to find out what happens every Saturday & Sunday from January 7th 2023 at 6:30 pm only on CITIZEN TV and our YouTube chSamel @SKYGIRLSKE

The SKY Pledge

I promise to be true to myself and what I believe in

Nita-stay loyal to the things I am all about like friendship and finding my own path

Na nita-stay away from the things I know I am good without like backstabbing & smoking

Najua I deserve healthy relationships, sio zile zinacome na pressure & bad vibes

I will make choices that are true to me.

I promise to find my SKY.
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