What is SKY?

SKY is a sistahood of teen girls from across Kenya. We are all about being true to ourselves and what we believe in. We are who we are, not who someone else thinks we should be. So when it comes to how we are with our friends, or what music we listen to, or what we wear, or how we look – we make choices that are true to us. After all we know what we like.

The SKY Pledge

I promise to be true to myself and what I believe in.

To be who I am, not who someone else thinks I should be.

I will stay loyal to the things I am all about - like my friends, music and finding my own path.

And stay away from the things I know I am good without - like backstabbing and bad company.

Because knowing what’s my thing and what’s not my thing helps make me who I am.

I will make choices that are true to me.

I promise to find my SKY.

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Our Partners

SKY is brought to the girls by a group of people and organisations who believe in them and their future.

The SKY Network

We are part of a growing network on the continent and currently have chapters in 5 countries. Click on the flags below to visit our other chapters