Take The Pledge Today


20th August 2021

Did you ever wonder if sometimes guys do certain things intentionally or is it just that they get confused when it comes to girls they like?? Or maybe guys wonder why we do some things that don’t impress them but we wouldn’t know until they tell us??  Wonder no more sis, coz hapa chiniπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ is a list of 4 things girls wish guys knew and 4 things guys wish girls knew!

This could help you understand that guy you've been crushing on for months😜!

4 things girls wish guys knew!!

1. Cursing and fighting don’t impress us.πŸ˜‘

Wacha tu tuseme ukweli. We girls can feel uncomfortable when we’re hanging out with a crush and he keeps on using curse words ama he picks fights with his friends. There’s no point in being nice to us ati coz you like us, alafu out there you curse and fight like you lack a heart. Nice guys are adorable and we love to have nice people around us.

2. Take us out sometime, it gets boring indoors.πŸ˜”

Taking us out doesn’t necessarily mean spend money on us in some fancy restaurant (You can if you want to though. LOL!) It can even mean evening walks or eating smokie pasua at some nearby chuom. Staying indoors is fun sometimes when we want to watch movies. Lakini on daily basis issa no-no, tutaboeka.

3. We don’t always look our best, embrace it.😁

Maybe on day one, we’d meet na tuko all dressed up in glam, lakini we all have those lazy days where we just walk around in baggy Ts and shorts, msitublame. Sometimes we dress according to our moods or maybe the weather. It just can’t be the same each day. And we are sure guys never dress the same each day as well. Bora umevaa nguo, you feel comfortable in it and it’s decent enough.


4. Recognize the small things, they mean a lot!😩

The little things matter.

Imagine it hurts when you guys forget about our birthdays or other dates that mean something to us. Circle that date on your calendar bro!! Si ngumu. Also, sisi teen girls are known for having mood swings sometimes. On such days not most people understand us but we wish that there will be that one person who is gonna make us feel better. It doesn’t have to be something massive, we are just teens. A simple hug, ka-chocolate hivi, a simple compliment, those little inside jokes... just something small to make us smile and we will hold it in our hearts for a long time.

4 things guys wish girls knew!!

1. Don’t lead them on!☹️

Heh! I know sometimes it’s hard to turn us down cause we are super fly-LOL! Lakini don’t just lead us on when deep down you are sure you don’t really like us like that. We are sure you wouldn’t like it if we did the same to you, so be the good girl you are coz leading them on is so not SKY!!

2. Smoking is a turn-off.🀒

"You know what’s gross? The smell of cigarettes!” says Ben, 16. And hajadanganya kusema ukweli. Not only is it bad for you, it gets in your hair, and clothes and changes your lip colour. It is not a vibe that most guys are about. If you must inhale something, inhale the good smell of the dish you love cooking most, at least that’s something everyone likes. Lol! 

3.  Be yourself.😏

Na hii ni ya SKY girls and us SKY guys too. At some point we have all tried something different to get noticed or to impress someone we like. But that’s not the way to go. Be yourself and we’re gonna love you for who you are. Saa zingine we are all tempted to go to extremes that just end up embarrassing us instead of portraying the picture we so badly hoped for, so just be you and embrace your unique personality yo!

4. Guys have feelings as well.πŸ™ƒ

As much as us guys gas ourselves up and try to act like everything is okay, we also go through tough times. The problem might come in when we fail to express ourselves. Also wengine wetu fear judgement from other people since kuna hii notion ya “mwanaume hafai” that has been trending for a lifetime. So be kind to us and we promise we are working on being more open about how we feel.