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20th August 2021

We are back, na tunatafuta your wise words on a question that was shared by one of our SKY sistas. This is what she asked.👇


Hi SKY girls!

How do you guys sema “no thanks” to peer pressure? I wanna have fun with my pals, obvi, lakini I am having a hard time with saying no to things that my crew at school wants to do, but are not really my thing.


Gracie, 15




Yohhh! Sissy! I feel you kabisa. It’s hard. What I do is give myself other plans when the squad wants to do something that isn’t for me. Jaribu you see how it goes.

Wambui, 17


Be real. Sema, “Not my thing” vile we say hapa at SKY.

Frida, 17


This might be harsh, lakini get new friends. Why be friends with people you are scared of saying no to? My two cents

Mbinya, 15


Reach out to pals who are like you to avoid kuwa in such situations.

Ivy, 16


Talk to your pals, imagine. Unaweza pata kuna other people in the crew who also don’t want to do that stuff but are scared of semaing. Communication ni muhimu.

Njoki, 16


You’ll face the consequences of the decisions you make alone, not with a group. Kwa hivyo, DO YOU.

Nana, 16