Take The Pledge Today


20th August 2021

A true story of a SKY sis who almost lost her true self


The temptation to say yes to anything just to remain part of a certain clique was a huge problem I used to deal with in my early teens. Si you guys know these cliques? The ones who walk around being noisy and making fun of people? Sometimes even being bullies? Yeah, I wanted to be part of one (imagine!) But I quickly realized that what they do is not cool at all and they were not my vibe at a  pool party they had invited me to. 

To say I was excited to attend, was an understatement. Wacha niwashow…I was so ready! I prepared my outfits and costumes, everything I’d need to look amazing. What I didn’t know about this pool party is that it wasn’t just going to be a fun afternoon of swimming. Walikuwa na other plans. After arriving, I said hi to everyone and immediately jumped into the pool. Swimming is my thing kabisaaa! I decided to get a soda and sit with them for a bit to catch up. Kidogo, I see a shisha pot being brought over.  I really thought it was going to another table kumbe it was for us!😲Like who does shisha? 

I tried to hide my reaction so that I didn’t seem shocked, but I panicked when one of my so-called friends offered me the pipe to smoke. I smiled and told them I wanted to swim some more before I can chill out, and before they could say anything I jumped back into the pool. I ended up staying in the pool for over an hour mpaka my fingers and toes were pruning. When I couldn’t stay in the pool anymore, I pretended to be on a call just to avoid talking to them and kept taking bathroom breaks. But they still tried to get me to try the shisha with their tactics and silly slogans like ‘kwani ni kesho?’ 

Finally, I had enough of their pressure so niliwaambia, “Seems like this is not my kind of party. Thanks for the invite. I’m out.” There was complete silence as they watched me leave. Inside, my heart was racing, lakini I was proud that I had stood bold with my decision, it was the only way I could avoid the situation. When I got home,  I regretted how much I had become desperate to be friends with people that made me almost smoke shisha, something I just didn’t want for myself. But better late than never, ama? After this incident I told some of my other friends at school and they not only supported my decision, but they high-fived me on standing up for myself. I realized I’m lucky to have real friends who will never make me try to be anything other than myself. And ever since then I have learned how to stick to my choices and say no to things that are not for me.