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3rd December 2021




It’s holiday time and tuko SO excited!


The festive season is here and we’ve all been looking forward to this time where we can relax kidogo after a long year, and get ready for 2022 being better than ever before. 

Issue 5 ni all about having the most faya festive season ever. Tumei-pack with all the good vibes and fun you need kuji-enjoy kabisa hii Decemburrr!

But guys, we also know that during this period inakuwanga very easy kuwa pressured to to do something that is not your thing. And as #TeamSKY we can’t have anything getting in the way of us living our best life and achieving our dreams. Lakini usiwahi stress,  SKY nation gotchu!

Tuli-ask fellow SKY girls how they are able to say no to the things they are good without and they gave us some excellent tips on how to stay true ukijipata in a tricky corner. Ebu check it out on page 22.

As usual, tume-feature some of our favourite SKY big sisters and favourite celebs. Superstar dancer and choreographer Aggie The Dance Queen is killing the game right now and she talks to us about how dance changed her life. If you wanna know what it takes to be like her, ebu read her story. Iko page 18. 

Not forgetting, all your favourite features—kina SKY advice, SKY Style and SKY shout outs hazikosi in this issue! 

As we close this mwaka, we just wanna say thanks for being part of the sistahood, babe! Have the best holiday, lakini kumbuka kustay true! Do you, boo!

2021 was faya thanks to you guys. We launched the SISTA show on Switch TV and YouTube. We also got to hang out with the SKY squad at various events like the SKY mag tours, school visit, and the first ever SKYFEST!

Tuko very excited kuingia 2022 with you and we have some awesome surprises lined up just for you, so stay tuned! 

We wanna hear from you. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can better the movement, don’t be shy…we are always here to listen. As usual, you can reach us on the socials via facebook or IG on @SKYGIRLSKE. 


Be True,