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3rd December 2021

We are back, na tunatafuta your wise words on a question that was shared by one of our SKY sistas. This is what she asked.


Hi Sistaz!


What do you do when your best friend hates your boyfriend? Plzz help, I’m stuck in between them both.




Maxy, 16



“Heh. Hapa kuna red flag????? Try and get deeper into the matter because there could be an issue there. Speak to them and figure it out.”


~Paula 15 ~

“Just sit your BFF down and ask her to tell you why she doesn’t like your boyfriend. Labda anaona kitu hauoni.”


~Ivy Tikki~


“If she has a valid reason, then listen to her, lakini if she doesnt itabidi she respects your relationship.”


~ Kendi ~


“Your bestie is your bestie for a reason. If it was you ningemtrust enough to find out what the beef is, ama?”


~ Mercy ~


“Bbg? Pole.  Maybe she doesn’t like him cause anafeel replaced? It happens babe. Make more time for her and if it continues then you guys are gonna have to talk”


~ Phena ~


“Talk about how you feel with your bestie. She probably doesn’t want you so stressed out. If there’s an issue, atakushow, if not then ask her to be kinder to your boyfie”


~Wawira ~


“Unaweza pata she’s jealous and that would mean she’s not your friend. Lakini the only way to know is to talk to her. Be kind when you ask her so that she can be honest.”


~ Jeptoo ~


“Keep in mind, communication is key hapa, so me ningetalk to my bestie halafu I talk to my boyfriend nijue what to do.”


~ Brenda ~