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3rd December 2021

Our SKY fave Aggie The Dance Queen is a dancer and choreographer extraordinaire! Ame-create some of the most talked-about dance moves like the video choreography for the mega-hit by Sauti Sol and Nyashinski, ‘Short and Sweet’. She talked to us about how she stays dancing to her own tune!


Aggie, Oh my Gosh—We love your dancing so much. Karibu SKY! How are you doing? 

Aaaaw! I really appreciate and I am humbled. THANK YOU for having me. Always a pleasure! And niko poa!


When did you know dancing was your thing? 

I was always dancing as a kid but I also wanted to be a news anchor. Funny, right? Anyway, I believed I belonged on the screen. But when I was in Uni, I realized dance is what I wanted to do. So I put dance as a prayer item and worked at it. It wasn’t sheer luck. God showed me this was my destiny and what he created me for. 


And what would you say is not your thing? 

Mmmmmh...let’s see. In entertainment, there is quite a lot of gossip lakini that ain’t my thing. Also, because nataka kuwa in great shape for my craft, kitu kama smoking is not my thing, and that means no shisha too coz iko na tobacco pia.


Tell us about your dance journey? 

Imagine, I’m still on this journey, only wiser and more ambitious. But it’s been 8 years of dancing professionally, though out of all those years, it’s only been 3 years of being a household name/brand. Nothing has been handed to me. Nime-work extra in the opportunities that God has presented me with to build the brand that I am, and I know the journey is still long but it is worth it.


Did your folks have any issues with you choosing dance as a career? If so, how did you get them to support you?

No. I was lucky, my parents had no issue. I come from a very open and humble homestead na they have always supported their two daughters (me n my younger sister). I would say the only issue is societal pressure from neighbors or church members who felt their kids had better jobs than I had(dancing). But my parents were always and are still are very proud of me. They have been my greatest Supporters and fans too. They are really proud to talk about how much I have achieved through dance. 



What inspires your style of dance? 

I think of dance as the best form of communication. So when I dance I try to express vile nafeel. I’m still learning though cause dance is not something being pushed in schools as a career choice. And not getting that kind of career development from when I was young, I have worked my way through to amass the knowledge I have about dance.

I want to be unique. I want to leave my footprints and teach people how to appreciate dance.


We loooooove your super creative dance moves and wanna learn how to be as creative as you! Any tips for us?  

**Does a happy dance**

Wooo! Creativity is limitless. You can always be creative and innovative in your art form. Here are my tips:

  • Do your research in the field you are in. 
  • Don’t try to copy but get inspiration. 
  • Believe in whatever you create. 
  • Be open to criticism but tumia the important points that can build your artistry. 
  • Don’t look for Fame. Let God take lead. 
  • Practise, practise, practise. 
  • Let Passion be your driving force.


Have you ever experienced failure? If so, ulideal aje? 

Failing ni lazima. That’s what I feel. Lakini it’s good to fail so you can find a better strategy and path to take. I have done more than 20 auditions nikifail and to be honest you feel rejected. 

There was a  time that used to bother me a lot until I learned to accept and say  “It wasn’t for me” or “It’s not yet my time”.

I started giving myself positive affirmations that started making me work extra and smarter ndio next time nikiambiwa “YES” nitajua checklist yangu inaenda iki-improve. 

I learned that a NO is just that. Meaning there will be a next time and a better chance to try again. 


We consider you our SKY girl big sis cause you embody all the great qualities  we want as SKY girls. How do you stay true to what you believe in? 

Mtafanya ni-lie aki ?…

I stay true by remembering that I know what I was brought on this earth to do. I respect people's opinions but I don't let them define me. 

I also don’t compromise on my values as a woman and as an artist. 

I know my worth and no one will short-change me. 

I am unique. I know I have many faults but those are what make me beautiful and exceptional.


Wow. That is an amazing affirmation. Finally, if all your dreams come true, what does the future look like for you? 

First of all, amen to that! I would open a proper dance school that would have different branches all over the country. 

I would nurture dance at the youngest age. I would literally build a DANCING  NATION. PROPER DANCE-PRENEURSHIP.