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3rd December 2021


HOLIDAY THE SKY WAY: Staying True over the festive season


Let’s keep it all the way real SKY sistas, as SKY girls tumelearn kuwa very clear about our thing(s), lakini saa zingine, ni hard sana ku-stick to those choices. Kwanza over the holidays ndio derailment huwa very high, ama? Tunajua sisi ni team #BeTrueToYourself, but ukijipata in a tricky situation where kuna pressure ku-do something that is not your thing how do you stay true?


Tuliongea with some excellent SKY sistas about practical things unaweza fanya so that you don’t end up doing stuff that’s not for you or that will get in the way of you living your best life. This is what they said.


  1. DO Practise refusing things that are not for you

Inakuwanga very easy to say “just say no” lakini we all know vile that can be awkward in the moment. First of all, hautaki kuwa rude na pia you don’t want your friends to feel rejected. That’s why ni important ku-practise vile unaweza sema no.

E.g. Unaweza practise in advance with a friend, a family member or even to yourself in the mirror! That way, you already know what you're going to say!



  1. DO Say it’s not your thing

Sometimes it feels scary to be the odd one out when you say you aren’t interested in something that everyone seems to be into. But usitishike babe. It’s actually really cool to be unique, ama? SKY Sis, Mercy says, “I just want to live my own life instead of everyone else's version of it.” Kumbuka, you can just let them know it is not your thing.

E.g. If someone asks you to smoke shisha and you know you're not into that, you can just say "no thanks, it's not my thing".



  1. DO Change the subject

Sometimes the best option can be to say no, and then move on to another storo. Like asking them if they’ve watched the new Loki Marvel series ama what they are wearing to the next SKY fest. This will give them something else to talk about that is a shared interest.

E.g. Them: Gosh. Uliona Sally’s weird hairstyle? Can we talk about that?

You: You know kenye ni weird? The last episode of Squid Game. Umeiwatch?



  1. DON’T stick around “derailers”

Most of the time, ukihang around with people who are not about being true to themselves, utakuwa convinced to do something that’s not for you

E.g Them: Let’s go to Neema’s house!

You: I had promised my mum I would finish my chores, but I guess I can lie about it if she asks



  1. DON’T Delay. Be honest papo hapo.

There’s no need in making someone wait for a response when you know the thing they are asking you to do is not for you and the answer is no. Itawafanya wakue hopeful that you are considering their suggestion. No need to say “I’ll think about it” when you know you won’t.


Them: So you’ll come with me to the bash.

You: Let me think about it. Nitakushow.


  1. DO Make a joke  

Sis, smol-smol humor can be the best way to respond to a situation you don’t want to be a part of, as it can lighten the mood while also divert attention onto something else.


Them: Did I tell you that story about Neema?

You: Hata don’t tell me. Between Chemistry homework and trying to cram TikTok sounds, I can’t take any more information???


  1. DO Think about "Future" you 

SKY sis @_SheKing says, “Personally, I remind myself what I want in life, and I can't just rush into decisions because of peer pressure?...Future me atani-thank later.