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3rd December 2021

Heh babes, si 2021 was an eventful year! We got up to so much as the SKY sistahood. Kuna days and weeks that were awesome and others were not so great. Lakini that’s life. And despite everything, we learned a lot along the way and that’s what matters, ama?

So we’re grateful to see 2021 come to an end, but before we wrap it up we wanted to do a ka-recap of the year as the SKY sistahood.





2021 win: I feel like one win for me I being one of the models in this magazine? I loved it!

2021 challenge: My biggest challenge was waking up to go to school? Because of COVID and the online classes, I got into a bad habit of sleeping very late lakini nimesema that’s not my thing anymore!

2021 lesson: My number one lesson has been that FAMILY IS EVERYTHING‼️ I know y'all fight with your siblings, cousins or parents but at the end of the day you'll always be there to support each other


Launch of the SISTA SHOW! 


OK this was big one! In March of this year, tuli-launch our very own S.I.S.T.A show on Switch TV and on our YouTube channel! 

Every week, SKY girls and the S.I.S.T.A hosts wamekuwa waki-gather in this magical space powered by the SKY sistahood, where we talked about all things SKY like fashion, music, friendship and showing the world who we are!! Na tulikuwa na fun challenges, fashion and beauty hacks and so much more with our favourite celebs too, kama Elodie Zone, Nikita Kering, Foi Wambui, Emma Cheruto and more. 

Catch all episodes of season 1 and season 2 on YouTube. Search for @SKYGIRLSKE and make sure you subscribe!





2021 win: A big win 4 me this year... I’m a form 4 byzeway?so this year l decided to work extra smart on my biology ?en gess wat?l got a B+ on my last exams!

2021 challenge :For me the biggest challenge was... I’m a candidate en our skull went on strike?On top of that story za COVID had already delayed my finishing of school. It's a big loss to us coz the clock for KCSE is still ticking? Lakini I’m working super hard kuwa ready for them.

2021 lesson: The biggest lesson from 2021 has been... Be you??en the world will adjust


SKY Fest 


Halafu in July, we had the very first *drumrolls* SKYFEST!

Na si we had the best time! SKY Fest was an exclusive and epic 9-day experience specially curated for SKY girls featuring good music, fun games, photo booths, make-over stations, celeb meet and greets, teen talks and so much more.

Tuliji-enjoy kuji-enjoy! 





2021 win: I learnt who my real friends were and who the fake ones are. And I'm now focusing on the real ones and have let the toxic ones out of my life

2021 challenge: Pesa za airtime and bundles zilipunguka coz of COVID. I had to learn how to maintain my good friendships even without the ability kuongea all the time.

2021 lesson: Even though I don't have energy or motivation to complete something, just keep pushing ahead because in the end it's worth it. But I shouldn’t overwork myself because stress is never a good thing.




This year we are proud to have released FOUR SKY magazines, na ofcourse hatunge-ifanya without you guys! SKY girls shared their experiences and wrote for the magazine. They also were excellent models waki-work it in our many photoshoots! Kama you haven’t caught up on all the issues, ziko online imagine?! Read them on our website https://skygirlske.com/magazines and let us know kama you wanna be featured in the next issue! We wanna see your talented selves on the SKY mag pages!




2021 win: I became a big part of the SKY fam and took part in all the awesome activity. Hata nilimanage ku-model for the mag!

2021 challenge: Figuring out how to manage school but also looking for tu-hustles to help with cash kwa sababu COVID really had the family broke. 

2021 lesson: I have learnt that nothing comes easy...you have to pray, work hard and be patient.