Take The Pledge Today


3rd December 2021

Have your own free aerobics class ?‍♀️??‍♀️

Katika with your friends by having an aerobics class at home! All you have to do is look for some great, FREE dance work-out videos on YouTube, wear your exercise clothes and DANCE! Ni so much fun na you and your friends get a ka-work out in. As you continue, you can even create your own unique routines to songs you love with your SKY squad!

Learn how to shuka hair??‍???‍♀️

Learning how to plait, twist or braid your friends’ hair is not only creative and fun, inaezakuwa a great way to earn some extra pocket money (if you practise and learn how to do it well)! Sana sana utapata a friend or a family member already knows how to shuka so unaweza muuliza aku-teach. Kama you don’t have someone, try YouTube tutorials and ask your friends to practise on them. It will be a bonding experience and a great skill to have.

Fanya a clothes swap ​?​??​

Kama unataka some new looks lakini hauna doh, a great way to get stuff is a clothes swap with your pals. Ni easy...each of your friends brings 5 items that they don’t love that much anymore and then munaswap. Utajipata na 5 new items to rock this holiday!


DIY customize your clothes​​?​✂️​?​?​?​

Another way to get new clothes bila spending cash is DIY customizing! Unaweza style up some old threads with smol-smol customization! Tuko na some tips on how you can do this on page 30 and 31 and you can also get some great ideas on how to style shirts you already have from episode 9, season 2 of The SKY SISTA show which is now up on YouTube. Just search for “SKYGIRLSKE”! Try and share pics of your new clothes on our IG @SKYGIRLSKE


Make a vision board collage?‍??

Get ready for the new year by making a vision board collage! Tafuta old newspapers and magazines and cut out the images and words that inspire you. Halafu tafuta manila paper ama canvas board and stick them in a creative way using glue ama cellotape. Kama unataka pia unaweza ongeza glitter for that extra sparkle. Ukimaliza unaweza i-hang kwa bedroom wall yako OR give it as a Christmas gift to one of your friends.

Anza a journal✨✍?

It’s never too late to start journaling babe. Ni a very good way to get in touch with yourself and learn what your thing is and what’s not your thing. Write daily about how you are feeling, your hopes and dreams and  your goals for the new year. Not only is it stress-relieving, it can help you stay focused on what your really want for yourself.

Try a Christmas recipe​?​?​

Surprise your family or friends na a special Christmas treat kama cookies, a cake or hata a pie. Kuna endless recipes online so tafuta the simplest one and make for your loved ones. It is a cool thing to learn how to do na they will absolutely love it!


Start a movie or book club​?​?​

Clubs huwa fun because munafanya something as a group that you all like. Depending on what your squad prefers, unaweza anza a book or movie club where you watch a film or read a book pamoja and then after munadiscuss your favourite parts and what you got from it. Give kila mtu a chance to select a book or movie halafu meet up somewhere kuchambua with snacks!



Saa zingine it’s not just about you. Unaweza jitolea to volunteer and help with a cause in your community. For instance, most children’s homes are usually looking for people to help them clean up or entertain the kids over the holidays. You and your SKY squad can find out where you can help and show up for the people who need it the most. It’s a great way to spend time with people and it will teach you new skills zenye you didn’t have before.

Make an end-of-year Playlist​?​➡️​?​

Nani hapendi ku-share their music? Why don’t you and your friends pick 12 songs you LOVED in 2021, one for every month. Halafu you can combine your lists to make the ultimate, end-of-year 2021 playlist! You’ll be dancing all holiday!