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3rd December 2021

What are you waiting for sis? Our whatsapp groups are what’s up! Two of our SKY sistas share what they love about the whatsapp groups!


Name: Tasha 

Age: 14 years old


My Thing: Hanging out with the right people and encouraging girls like me to love themselves the way they are and keep off things that won't brighten their future

Not My Thing:  Bad company, bad vibes and anything that will make me hate myself.


What do you love about SKY WhatsApp groups? 

 It encourages me to be more positive about myself. 

When I have my own problems my SKY sisters are always there for me

Name: Michelle 

Age: 17 years old


My Thing: Writing, Dancing, Charity work and Traveling

Not My Thing:  Gossiping, Body shaming, Racism, Tribalism and Negativity


What do you love about SKY WhatsApp groups? 

The SKY girls whatsapp group acts like a home for me and all the sky sisters. At least I found people I can confide in without the fear of being judged by anyone. SKY is a family kusema ukweli and just the best group on my phone!


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