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21st June 2022

Njuguna Prince Jude is a 25 year old actor, businessman and commercial model. We know him best as “Jamaica” from SKY’s hit TV show, PAA. Tulikaa na yeye ku-find out what makes him tick na what has been the story of his success.

Sasa! Si we’ve been looking forward to talking to you! How are you doing?

Poa kabisa! I thank God cause so far I am doing pretty well…especially with the show PAA which I hear the SKY girls loved! That makes me so happy.


We totally did. Tunajua you do a lot lakini acting is your main one. So when did you know acting was your thing?

I realized I have it in me kuwa actor mnoma when i was in highschool actually! I was a member of the drama club and I scooped some awards here and there during drama festival competitions. After school I decided to act out set books but hiyo nayo ikakataa. Realized nilitaka kuwa on TV and I auditioned for commercials na shows kadhaa.

So far nimekuwa on shows kama Kachachari, Kina, Dream Child, Zora, Crime n Justice and of course, PAA!


And what would you say is not your thing? 

Story za peer pressure, zii. I am my own person. Pia bad vibes. I am good vibes any day,  every day…ask around. Smoking is also not for me. To be very honest, I love myself and kunuka moshi is not a good look…pia vitu kama shisha sijawahi find cool kusema ukweli.


SKY Sis Koki asks, “Hey! I admire your work kabisa. How were you able to get into acting as a young person?”

Once you know you like it, give it a shot. For me ni kujiaminia plus hapa nje ku-shoot shot pale kwa ma-auditions. Auditions huwa key to bagging jobs na ku-perfect your skills, so nilibuild networks with other actors so that anytime opportunity ina-knock, I’m there to do my best.


Your acting game is next-level na hata sisi we wanna get there. How do you get ready for a scene? Uko na any tips for those of us who would like to act? 

Ni muhimu ku-always master and understand the script prior to going on the set. Jua what the character ako all about so that unaweza become the character. Na incase of doubts, I have my fellow actors kunisaidia plus talking to the director on set. Team work makes the dream work, ama aje?

We are learning to be as confident as you. What do you do when you feel unsure or insecure on set? 

When on set nikianza ku-feel unsure, I just imagine the camera is not even there and just act as if it’s just for my friends. I also trust my gut. Na si just in acting. There's always a voice in you that is pushing you to do your thing. Nimelearn to listen to in situations where siko not certain of what move or decision to make. Na if you can’t hear that inner voice, just ask yourself “Why should I do this?” utapata you know the answer and it will help you make decisions that work for you.


What is the biggest difference between you and your character Jamaica in the show, PAA?

Jamaica is Marto's shadow and is very easily Influenced. I AM MY OWN PERSON. Mimi sinanga shida na kusema no to things that are not for me. Even to my good friends. Ninajijua.

Actually, you always look great. What are your body-care tips? 

Sleep is important. Resting properly inanikeep young, lol! I also try and look neat and moisturized. Si kila saa kuparara 😂😂😂


SKY Sis Di asks “Ulideal aje with negativity and judgement when you first started acting, and how do you stay strong now?”

Si you know that song, “Avoid those people” ? That’s exactly what I do. Instead, na-focus on the job. One thing I tell myself is “mind the business that pays you”...yaani, kama it’s not making me better, I do away with it.

And finally, what keeps you going and how do you stay true to what you believe in?

I believe nilipewa my talents for a reason so I try my best to be my truest and best self every day. Sitaki kuwa na unnecessary regrets. You’ve only got one life. Make it count…ama aje?