Take The Pledge Today


21st June 2022

What’s up SKY Sistas? This edition tuna-take pride in our generation, #GenZii. Yes, we are Gen Z, but we also say Zii to things that are not for us like gossip, bullying and smoking. We are totally true meaning tunajijiua. We are ever elevatin’ kumaanisha we’re only going up, the SKY is the limit and we have #ZeroApologies for being our awesome selves. 

On that note, we are sharing with you some things #WeDo and some #WeDont do to serve you some inspiration kama uko unsure on what’s your thing or not your thing or ukitaka ku-relate to somebody.



  • We DO right by those who are close to us

It’s not easy being a teen, it comes with a lot of pressure, tough decisions, insecurity ata sometimes bullying! This is a normal phase of life for everyone but it really helps when we have a good support system around us. That’s why it is so important kuwa kind to mbogi yako and do right by them and they will give you the same vibe back. SKY Sistas stick together. 

  • We DO stay true to ourselves and others

By staying true to ourselves, we stand up for what we believe in and harness the power to say #Zii to what we don’t. We are also learning how to stand up for others that are more vulnerable than us and saidiana vile we can. The more tukiwa true to ourselves, the more tunapata tuko na msimamo and we avoid falling into peer pressure.

  • We DO our best at everything we do

This doesn’t mean ati we have to succeed at eeeeeverything we do but it means we give it our all! SKY Girls give it 100 so that no matter what happens we can always say we tried our very best. Whether it is school work, extra-curricula activities ata kama ni kumake TikToks we always give it our all so that we can #PAA



  • We DON’T backstab and bully 

SKY Girls are all about trying to play our part in making the world a better place for ourselves and the people around. That is why we choose kindness, si backstabbing or bullying. We know we can’t fly on our own so we always try to hold each other up.  

  • We DON’T allow pressure to run us

Sisi tunajijua na tuko true to ourselves. That is why we don’t do things that will affect our ability to chase our goals. No matter how much pressure surrounds us, tuko grounded and we are proud of being who we are, #GenZii, who avoid peer pressure with Zero Apologies! We always choose what is best for us. 

  1. We avoid all kinds of smoking-including Shisha!

Smoking is not the vibe for us at SKY. It smells bad, messes with our skin and hair and just gets in the way of us doing our thing. So tukiona tobacco products, tunajitoa tu…like Shisha most people don’t know is  tobacco. Dry lips and brown teeth? No thanks!

We hope ume-enjoy hii article and that you’ve either gotten some inspiration from us or have been able to relate somehow. We are always here for you, feel free to hit us up on @SKYGIRLSKE social media pages. We love you guys.