Take The Pledge Today


5th September 2022

My name is Oscar Masira. I'm a 19-year-old student at Multimedia University currently taking Film Production and Animation. 

Going back a few years to form 3. I was around 16 at the time. Nilikuwa pretty popular guy in my school so nilikuwa na mabeshte wengi. Kwa hii group ya mabeshte, some of them walikuwa wanavuta lakini I never joined them cause that's something I'd never done before and wasn't willing to try. Fast forward a few weeks and we're supposed to go for Music Fest in Nakuru. 

Here we are my friends and I after a day of stretching our vocal cords relaxing in the dorm rooms, just chilling and making memories you know. Suddenly out of nowhere, one friend suggests that we go behind the dorm kuchoma. I tried to advise them against it lakini hawaku niskiza. I knew the consequences very well so l didn't want to get caught up in the mess with them. One of my friends, let’s call him Brayo, alisema lazima ni wa join. Wengine walijoin in pia and suddenly it was 5 against 1, the pressure was getting worser.

Me being the people pleaser I was at that time, nili-give into the pressure na nika-amua kuwa join tu hii one time, juu it won’t hurt. After taking a few puffs of smoke we heard someone coming closer, we then realised that it was the watchman who was guarding the dorms. Panic kicked in, juu the one time I decided to do something stupid ndio siku tunashikwa. The consequences that followed after were so terrible I tell you. 

From that day henceforth I decided to change the guys I chill with. Nili-realise that bad company gives terrible advice and in moments of pressure, you tend to do something stupid that you'll eventually regret. I also realized that smoking just wasn't for me. I had a reputation to maintain and grades to improve. I advise all youths out here that peer pressure is bad. Smoking doesn't make you cool, it'll only destroy the full life that you have ahead of you. 

Thanks sana Oscar for sharing story yako na sisi. So SKY babe, hauko pekee yako kila mtu hu-get pressure but what matters is staying true to yourself. If you’d love to share your story with us ku-inspire another SKY girl check us out on social media @SkyGirlsKe