Take The Pledge Today


5th September 2022
  1. Graphic designer

Graphic design ni ku-make digital content to communicate messages. Vitu kama billboards, posters, logos for companies, book covers, adverts na kadhalika. Ina-require some creativity, a love for art and computer skills. Kuna opportunities mob kwa hii industry na unaweza contact @Skygirlske for more information.

  1. Athlete

Being an athlete ni full time job. Kama uko competitive and sporty unaweza make a career out of sports. Kama wewe hushinda trophies mingi kwa sports kama football, swimming, running, basketball, tennis etc. unaweza kuwa pro athlete. Anza ku-kuwa active in school tournaments. Try to find out from your coach or PE Teacher how you can try out for scholarships or the national team. MYSA (Mathare Youth Sports Association) ni organization yenye wana empower youth through sports, check them out, labda kuna opportunity hapo. 

  1. Journalist

Kazi ya journalist ni ku collect, research, write, edit and publish news. News inaweza manisha vitu different depending on what your interests are. Business news, politics ata celebrity news ni news pia. Types of journalists wana include news anchors, writers, editors, publishers etc. Kama unajiona ukiwa reporter, writer ama editor mwenye ana proof-read, reach out to @Skygirlske on social media labda uanweza tusaidia na SKY Mag!

  1. Entrepreneur

This means starting your own business. Si kila siku kutafuta jobs, unaweza create them for yourself and others Start thinking BIG! Labda unataka ku-have your own hair or makeup brand. Start thinking about things that make good products na vile unaweza stand out from other brands. Unaweza join SKY Girl WhatsApp groups and help us create merch kama wrist bands, notebooks etc. so that ugain experience.

  1.     Software developer

Kama unapenda technology, hii ni field yako. Software developers make and update apps na computer systems. Inakuanga fun sana na iko happening juu we live in a digital age. Work hard in maths na ICT. Kuna online courses mob unaweza fanya kupata extra knowledge on this topic na camps unaweza fanya during holidays. Ongea na your teachers and ask them.

There are many more career options hatuja highlight kwa hii article, but here are just a few to get you going. Feel free to reach out to us @Skygirlske on our social media platforms for any more advice. Love you guys!! XoXo