Take The Pledge Today


5th September 2022

What’s up SKY sistas?! By now unajua this issue is all about being bila pressure. So no one atatupatia stress or make us kufanya anything that is not our thing. Lakini sometimes, pressure ina-come from those closest to us. 

Tuna-deserve happy and healthy relationships penye tunajua we can be ourselves bila pressure. Tumeshaa define what is and is not our thing. Itabidi we also define what we do and don’t deserve in relationships. Kwa mfano, we deserve to be with people who make us feel good about ourselves and we don’t deserve people wenye wanatuwekelea pressure. Checki pages 26 na 27 kupata tips on how to spot a toxic person in a romantic relationship or friendships. 

Good partners should love us the way we are. Being in relationships where we change who we are inaweza tufanya tuwe sad na tupate low self-esteem. Tuki-decide to be people pleasers, tuna realize kwamba, we can try but we’ll never be good enough for other people. This is because toxic friends will always have something to hate on us for #HatersGonnaHate. 

Lakini kama una stay true to yourself, the only person you need to please is you. Uta-realize that YOU ARE ENOUGH! Being yourself ni your biggest strength. Besides sis, the whole SKY community is with you, we’re all in this together. 

This ina-apply to our relationships with guys. Tukona the power ku-decide kama tuko ready to be in romantic relationships and have sex. Dating and sex zina-come na stress, pressure na consequences mob yenye we might not be ready to deal with. That’s why it’s okay ku-decide that you don’t want to date right now because tuna-focus on ourselves and our goals. Kama huna time ya kudeal na machali that’s normal! Saa ya ku-date ita-come, saa hii its fine kujishughulika. 

Being true to us pia inamaanisha that we know tuna-deserve better than people who make us feel good about ourselves. We don’t deserve to be around people who put us in dangerous situations penye tuna-feel unsafe. Kama uko situation kaa hii, it can be hard kutoka. Lakini kunahelp, bonga na One2One on 1190 (Toll-free) 

Kumbuka vile Neema aliambia the bodaboda driver in Paa “This is my body and mine, usidhani you can just come and demand any of it” also, “vile unanifanya ni feel is just as important as what you do and say”. Sis knows what she’s saying! As SKY Girls, we have the right ku-decide what and who we want hatuwezi kuwa around watu who make us feel bad or unsafe. Kama una-date msee mwenye ana ku-make ku-feel unsafe or pressured then hio si poa, tuna-deserve so much better. 

Whatever choice tuna-make, iko based on the things we know we want and don't want and not on what others tell us. Tuna-deserve the chance to make our choices bila pressure juu our choices are ours only. Deciding not to smoke, have sex or choosing friends ni decision yako na haijali wherever you're from, wherever you live, whatever your history or what you've done before, you always have the right kusema no.

For more information, ku-get intouch na expert au ku-chat na mtu on Messenger, WhatsApp au SMS visit https://one2onekenya.org/