Take The Pledge Today


5th September 2022

Hey there SKY Sistas! Tunajua at our age, friends are so important! We confide in our friends, wanatupea advice, we cry and laugh with them na tuna-spend time mob pamoja. That’s why it’s important to have good friends juu wakona a lot of influence on our decisions and lives. Also because tuna-deserve good friends that love us just the way we are and encourage us to stay true to us.

Lakini good friends wanakuanga aje? Tukona all the tea on what healthy relationships are all about, how we can create them, vile tunaweza chagua na kujua kama we have good friends. Here is what to look out for in our friendships so we can have friends that make us the best version of ourselves.

Kwanza, a good friend should never pressure you to do anything that hutaki kufanya. Anafaa ku-respect what’s your thing and what’s not your thing. They will also respect your ‘no’ bila ku-kuwekea pressure. A true friend hata kuweka kwa situation where you feel like umemdissappoint by choosing what is best for you. They know what is your thing and they love you for that.

We deserve relationships bila pressure, kumaanisha, our friends should make us feel comfortable being who we are. Hai-matter how watu wana think you should be, a good friend anafaa ku-accept and love you for being true to yourself. They also should always respect choices zako cause wanajua you’re looking out for yourself.

This brings us to our next point, good friends wana communicate na ku-look out for each other. If you feel like your friend anajipoteza you should be able to tell them from a caring and concerned place. Inatakikana tu-lift each other up and be there for each other through good and bad. A good friend will take what you’re saying with a good heart and listen to you juu anajua you only want the best for them. We must always have each other’s backs na ku-be able to take constructive criticism kama tume-ambiwa vizuri.

And then, kuna wasee wenye they don’t like seeing you win. Labda wanaskia kiwaruwaru, that’s a toxic friend. Friends should be SUPPORTIVE! Ku-kua supportive inamaanisha, to help your friends in any way that you can, like revising for exams together or practicing for music festivals - your friend anakushughulikia. It involves being happy for them when they do well and encouraging them to do better when they fail and being each other’s cheerleader. 

Lastly, kumbuka that it’s okay for you and your friends to be different. Si lazima mu-like the same things. Maybe your friend likes going out and you like chilling indoors ama you don’t have the same taste in music or TV. Ni sawa kukuwa different as long as you respect each other’s choices and munapendana the way you are.