Take The Pledge Today


6th September 2022

Hey SKY Sistas! Karibuni SKY Girls corner, this time some SKY Girls share hizo vitu they choose firmly for themselves bila pressure. Labda unaweza relate ama unaweza pata some inspo.

I choose my friends.


That’s right! Tukona the power ku decide who we give our energy juu our energy ni precious!

I choose the clothes I wear and the people I hang out with.


Our style ni our own and that’s what ina make it special.

I choose to forgive and love myself.

-Ciru Njuguna

Hakuna mtu alizaliwa perfect! That’s why tunajisamehe and learn from our own mistakes, we deserve self-love. 

I choose not to date until I’m much older.

-Kate Muiruri

You go girl! It’s so cool that right now una-focus on yourself and your goals before thinking of dating.

I choose to always help people when I can.


What you give you get back! Keep being there for others sis!

I choose to always say no to drugs! And definitely stay away from Smoking!


Yasss! Saying no to the things we know we’re good without is sooo SKY!

I choose to always treat people with kindness. 

-Sarah Gitau

Always be kind girl tuko here for it…

I choose kutia bidii and ku-achieve my goals.

-Viviane Celine

Yes! Tukona the power to achieve anything we put our minds to so endelea ku-work hard babe

I choose not to Smoke, Vape or do Shisha cause I’m better off without them.

-Makena Kiprotich

You’re not alone sis! Smoking is the #1 not my thing among SKY Girls.

I choose to stay true to myself and the things I believe in. Perioddd!!

-Wambui Gacheru

Said like a true SKY girl!

We love to see vile sisi SKY Girls tukona msimamo na we’re really out here making the best choices for ourselves. True boss babes.