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6th September 2022

Name: Nina Gakii Gikemi

My Thing:  Dancing, Singing and Cooking 

Not My Thing: Smoking & Bullying, Fake friends 

Age: 14 years old

Name: Keziah Anita 

My Thing:  Making new friends, socializing & networking 

Not My Thing: Body shaming and pressure to date

Age: 18 years old

Name: Angela Andia 

My Thing:  Dancing, fashion design, swimming, modelling

Not My Thing: Gossiping, backbiters

Age: 13 years old

Name: Grace Njeri   

My Thing: My smile and hair makes me confident. My thing is fashion and believing that I can! 

Not My Thing: Discrimination na negativity are not my thing

Age: 17 years old

Name: Rose Lizah

My Thing:   Adventure and making new friends 

Not My Thing: Gossiping and body shaming

Age: 17 years old

Name:  Mary Owendi

My Thing: Dancing, making new friends and learning from other people.

Not My Thing:  Negative vibes and pressure kutoka boys.

Age: 17 years old