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6th September 2022

In this article, SKY Girls wanatuambia their secrets on how they’ve maintained their healthy friendships. These girls are really #FriendshipGoals

Esther and l met at school. We never actually talked, until siku moja, tuliwekewa tukuwe deskmates. We still didn't talk much but started chatting kidogo. One day she opened up and told me about her life story. We've been friends for 2 years now. She is my best friend and tunaelewana. We all know all friendships have ups and downs but we reconcile and forget. I would say the secret that has helped us stay friends is being trustworthy and not backstabbing each other. We really respect each other. Tuna share most of our things except the things you just can't share. Periodttt!!!😂 We consider each other tuki make decisons. Naweza sema we are just inseparable. We don't have to be the same in everything cause hatukuzaliwa tukijuana. She has her thing and l have mine. We both carry ourselves in different ways lakini, we have the same values.

By Celyn Wairimu (13)


My friend Monica and I have been friends for 5 years. We met in a supermarket when she didn't have enough money to pay for her shopping, but then I paid for her. Later, tulipatana tena in church, that's where we shared our contacts and started being friends. The secret to our friendship ni vile tuna-accept each other as we are. Whatever challenges that we may have, we resolve them. Despite our differences we still cope and move on. Tunasaidiana in everything we do and tunaweza count on one another. Si lazima tuonane all the time, tuna respect each other’s personal space. We also respect each other’s choices, hatuwekangi pressure when one of us doesn’t feel like doing something. Lastly, tuna-communicate tukiwa na kiwasiwasi and work things out.

By Wendy Atieno (18)


I have so many friends but this one is my best friend. Her name is Cindy; we have been besties for around 8 years now. Back in 2015, nili-join a new school and I was shy, quiet and introverted. Cindy turned out to be my desk-mate. It was a typical, ‘hatujuani’ relationship at first. Siku moja during break time, she asked me my name. Alikuwa surprised when she found out we’re namesakes na tulianza to be friends from there. The secret to our friendship is always having fun together and spending quality time together. Tunapenda ku-watch movies, cook and do physical activities kama bike riding. Cindy loves doing make-up so I let her practice on me then we dress up and take pics. Tuna make sure ku-always support each other and have each other’s backs. 

By Cindy Jemmy


Awwww!! We love to see SKY girls in flourishing friendships. Tuna hope that wewe na mbogi yako mko happy and growing.