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6th September 2022

In this section, a SKY Girl shares her story about vile choices zake zilimwingiza kwa mashida and how choices have consequences. We can definitely learn from our Sista’s mistakes.

I had been in a relationship with this guy named Max and I was so happy! We spent most of our time together because tuli maliza high school. Tulikuwa tunaenda for dates, lunch, cooking together, watching movies, and going to concerts together. Tuli-have fun pamoja. Ali ni-introduce to his mum and alikuwa happy to meet me. 

Day fulani, Max alinipigia simu and I didn't answer. He was so furious that hakuniongelesha for a while but after I apologized we reconciled. I also had a boy best friend who had a birthday so nilipost a pic of us together and once again, alinikasirikia. He didn’t trust me at all.

Later, Max aliniuliza if we could meet and I agreed. When I met him, the first thing he did was slap me. I asked him why he did that na alisema that I’m not supposed to be talking to any other guy but him. That was not the first time he hurt me.  My friends told me tuwachane na Max but I was in love with him. My self-esteem ilianguka because I had no one to talk to except him and he didn’t understand me.

At some point, nili-notice ana change his behavior and he started ignoring my calls and texts. When I tried kumwongelesha, he shouted at me. When I said that we should break up alini-slap tena and told me that I ain't going nowhere. Our relationship was so toxic that I had to ignore my best friend because Max angenipiga. I ended up without anyone I could to talk to and share my problems with. 

After some time, niliamua enough is enough. Ningemwacha in person but niliogopa what he might do to me so nilimtumia break-up text then I blocked him juu nilijua his reply would make me feel worse. My life hasn’t been the same since. Nime-stay out of relationships with others and focused on having a relationship with myself. Saa hii I’m happy and in a good place and I’ll date again time ikiwa right.

By Mary Owendi (19)


Waaahh!! That was crazy! Mary did not deserve that from anyone! We hope this story helps you realize some toxic patterns and how to avoid them. If you would like ku-reach out and talk to someone, bonga confidentially na One2One on 1190 (Toll-Free)