Take The Pledge Today


6th September 2022

Temina Semo is a content creator, social media influencer and Kenyan fashion icon. She is also a law student. She was kind enough to talk to her 15-year-old self in this article, here’s what she had to say. 

  • On creativity:

Dear 15-year-old Temina, you’ve had big dreams from a young age! I know umetaka ku kuwa a singer/ musician from when you were 7. Lakini, no we’re not selling out concerts lol. Najua you’re about to choose music as a subject in high school, don’t let this information stop you. Now, you’re a social media content creator. Know that your creativity is limitless. Huwezi ingiza creativity yako kwa box, much like yourself. Creativity is a way to share our story. Ignoring your creative side will never be the answer because you’re at your happiest when you can express your creativity. 

  • On school:

You’ve always loved learning. Sometimes the pressure to get good grades especially in math overshadowed your love for learning. I need you to remember, usijiwekelee pressure and be happy with doing your best. Your best may not always feel like enough, but I’d like you to know IT IS. 

  • On friends: 

Temina! Ume-make such amazing friends through the years. I’d love for you to remember that no matter how busy your life as a content creator gets, make time for your friends. Make time to call them, check on them and show up for them juu having people around you can call friends is priceless. 

  • On fashion: 

Girrrl! Your fashion sense right now is amazing! We’ve evolved from only wearing pink lol. Remember that fashion is a form of self-expression. Fashion ni fun, haina rules and is all about taking stylish risks. Experiment with different styles and aesthetics without caring about other people’s opinions or what’s trendy and what’s not. 

  • On failure: 

This one, you need Temina cause you take failure to heart! Wacha nikuambie, failure is a natural part of growing up. Usikubali failure ku-make you doubt your capabilities. Failure isn’t about who you are but a redirection on what you can do different. 

  • On boys:

Here’s one thing that you need to remember every time you like a boy. Kwanza, crushes are natural, BUT usisahau your identity just because you like a boy. Stay true to yourself, your values, principles and goals and ask yourself if you’re still doing things that align with your identity. 

  • On peer pressure: 

You are your own person so whatever other people are doing even when it comes to dating & getting into relationships, center yourself and make sure your decisions are completely your own, completely a Temina decision not a decision made because other people are doing it or saying its cool.  

  • On the future: 

Your future is BRIGHT! Because you’ve always believed in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself then who will? Your belief in yourself is CRAZY but that’s how it has to be, you have to crazily believe in yourself then the world will believe in you too.