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Piga Looku: How to Revamp your Closet

2nd March 2023
  1. DIY 

Internet imejaa na tutorials on how you can switch up your clothes! Get creative and cut up your clothes, paint on them and more! This is also a fun thing to do uki-link up na mabeshte. Tap into your inner fashion designer. Try making a crop top from tights and painting cute designs on your shoes and jeans. 

  1. Style your clothes differently 

Si lazima uvae your clothes exactly how they were made. Get creative! Like, unaweza jaribu kuvaa a big blazer as a dress. Also, wear different earrings on each ear. It may sound crazy, but it gives you a unique and edgy look. One tip I like to use is wearing jackets upside down;  seriously! It looks so bomb!  


  1. Try out a new aesthetic 

Take some time to look at your style and see what you might want to do differently. Unaweza  pata inspo pale Pinterest, Instagram na TikTok. Create a mood board on the looks you want to try and recreate then add your own touch. Style haifai kuwa constant so don’t be scared to try something new.  


  1. Swap clothes with your friends 

Grab a group of your friends alafu mkuje na manguo you don’t like/wear any more ndio m-exchange with pieces kutoka your friends closet that unapenda. This way you get a new wardrobe alafu it is FREE so no need to spend cash.


  1. Don’t underestimate accessories! 

Accessories ni really the key to elevating any look! Experiment with different ones. Kuna more to accessories than just earrings and necklaces! For one, jaribu ku-layer your necklaces and try clip-on or cuff earrings that cover your whole ear. Also try out waist beads, anklets and lots of rings. Lastly, nose cuffs are great juu you can put a nose ring bila ku-pierce. 


We hope this article has been helpful in helping you revamp your wardrobe. You can always reach out to us @SKYGIRLSKE on Instagram for more tips.