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SKY Girls Corner: Why I love SKY!

2nd March 2023

I love the encouragement and girl power that sky wanapeana✨

  • Jania Mbavati, 13 years’ old

Sky Girls helped me do what I like and helped me be true to myself

  • Malia , 13 years’ old

The best thing ni it's a platform where you connect with people especially ladies. Tunaweza share ideas and give each other advice. The best part is most of us hatuja meet but tuko one big family.

  • Rose Murugi, 19 years’ old

Sky provides a safe place for teen girls like me to be me and not afraid to show it na ni pure vibes

  • Keicy Joy

They’ve taught me how to be confident and have self-esteem

  • Trizah

SKY inspires young girls to make the right decisions in life and also to stay true to themselves.

  • Yvette, 17 years’ old

Awww! We love to see y’all are loving SKY juu SKY loves you too.