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I am Confident: Tips on how to build your confidence

2nd March 2023
  • Positive Affirmations

This is telling yourself things that you didn’t know you needed to hear kila siku hadi uanze kuziamini. Make sure useme hizi affirmations out loud kwa kioo first thing ukiamka. Affirmations ziko mob online but here are some that we love:

“I am beautiful, smart, powerful and loved”

“My confidence ina-grow every day” 

  • Speak to yourself with love

Sometimes tunajiambia unkind things and ata kama we don’t take it seriously, huwa inatu-affect without us knowing. Jiongeleshe with kindness the same way you’d talk to a good friend. Unaweza sema “I’m trying my best” ama “I am good enough”.

  • Give yourself your flowers

Not flowers as in Maua lol but hio pia ni sawa. Make sure unaji-appreciate for all your small wins. Unaweza dhani it’s not a big deal but it is and you did that, whatever it is. Usijinyime credit juu you’re amazing. 

  • Don’t stress over other people

Kama you live your life ukisikiliza kenye watu wanasema, you’ll never be happy juu kila mtu ako na expectations zake kwako. Confidence inafaa ku-come from inside you. Kumbuka the SKY sistahood is here for you na hauko solo on this journey na unaweza build relationships with other girls who make you feel good about yourself

  • Accept who you are

Kila mtu akona their strengths and weaknesses. Hauwezi kuwa the best at everything. That is why it’s important kujijua and love yourself for who you are and what you’re blessed with. Kumbuka you can always want to be better but still love how you are now. 

  • Stand up for your beliefs

Kila mtu akona their own things that they believe in and standing up for them and doing things you’re afraid of itaboost your confidence juu unafanya what is right for you. Saa zingine hizo fears zinaweza ku-kublock from doing great things. Kumbuka your thoughts dictate your actions na vice versa, your actions dictate your thoughts. 

We hope these tips zitasaidia ku-make you feel more confident in yourself. Here at SKY, we know you are perfect just the way you are and tuna-hope that you know it too.