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Najijua: Confidence Edition

2nd March 2023

Who are SKY Girls?

SKY girls is a dope sistahood na saa hii tuna focus on us,  being our best selves and supporting each other. We know we don’t need all that extra stress right now juu #Tunajijua. 

What is #Kujijua about?

Kujijua is about knowing exactly who we are, what our thing is and how to say #Zii to what is not our thing bila kuskia pressure yoyote. 

What choices do we make as SKY girls?

Tukona the power ku-make our own decisions juu we know what’s best for us. Kwa mfano, the decision not to smoke

  • Smoking ni the #1 not my thing among all SKY Girls. Fun fact, Tobacco is a substance yenye inapatikana ndani ya cigarettes and Shisha and smoking tobacco products just ain’t for us
  • Kama SKY girls, some of us tumeamua kungoja kabla tuanze ku-date ama kuget physical hadi tufeel tuko ready. Ni sawa kufocus on yourself and what you love
  • Pia tunajua we deserve to be in healthy relationships where our choices are respected no matter who we are, what we have done or where we come from 

How can we stick to those choices?

It isn’t always easy, lakini kuna vitu tunaweza fanya au sema to stay true to ourselves and our decisions. Kama kusema “that’s not my thing” ama unaweze make a joke about it ku-ease hio tension tukipewa pressure.

Sometimes haikuangi rahisi ku-stick by our choices but we still pull through and I love that for us! Tushow pale on our Instagram and TikTok page @SKYGIRLSKE what makes you confident juu #Unanjijua for a chance kushinda amazing giveaways!