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Let's talk periods

2nd March 2023

What is a period/menstruation?

Menstruation ni hiyo time when a girl bleeds. Hii ni kitu very normal and natural thing kuhappen. Lakini iko different from person to person, pia how long your period is inadepend na mwili yako.


How do I wear a pad?

Ukipata pad, remove it from the packaging and place the sticky side on the inside of your underwear. Wrap the wings chini ya underwear ndio you secure it in place. After 2 - 6 hours, ama ikijaa, remove it carefully and wrap it in the wrapper or toilet paper na utupe kwa dustbin


I’m ashamed of my period and don’t want to talk about it. What should I do?

Some of us tumefanywa kufeel embarrassed and not confident about our periods because of one thing or another. Kama uko comfortable, unaweza bonga na a friend, Big sister au cuzo about them inaweza saidia ku-understand they’re normal, lakini mtu asikupressure kuspeak up if your not comfortable. Pia, did you know in some countries wanacelebrate period? How cool is that!

Sasa that we’ve covered the basics, wacha tuwashow some simple period tips and advice on periods from our SKY big sisters.

SKY Big Siz Advice: Period Edition 

  • “Pick the sanitary product you are most comfortable with juu unajijua na mwili yako. Kuna different options kama disposable pads, reusable cloth pads, menstrual cups na tampons” Says Big Siz Lucy
  • “Oga daily when you’re on your period. Use water only for your private area, you don’t need to use soap” Says Big Siz Jo
  • “Kunywa maji mob na water-rich fruits na veggies kama watermelon ama cucumbers” Says Big Siz Lily
  • “Change your pad every 2 - 6 hours or ikijaa na damu ndio ubaki ukifeel fresh” Says Big Siz Tatty
  • “Carry extra pads and underwear just incase periods zianze early ndio usiget stained” Says Big Siz Caro
  • “Usiflush pads down the toilet. Ita block the drainage system na kufanya toilet i-flood.” Says Big Siz Mary

Kumbuka periods are normal and every girl goes through them, some even start as early as 9 years old. Download the new Oky Kenya app and get to know all about your period. It is free to download, unaweza tumia privately on a shared phone na once you have it, you don’t need data to use it! We love to hear it! Sisi kama SKY girls tuko hapa kuhelp and support you no matter what. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.okykenya