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Editor's Note

2nd March 2023

SKY Fam! Tumerudi with another edition of SKY Mag and you won’t guess what…this is our TENTH edition! Can you believe it? We are so excited. Kabla twende mbali, this is what to look out for in our confidence na kujijua issue.

Hapo kwa page 7 we’ve got some advice for you on how unaweza stick to your choices bila pressure, juu tukona the power to decide what we want for ourselves. Make sure to check out what tips your SKY Sis has for you about that.

Haiwezi kuwa SKY Mag bila Celebrity Corner. This time tukona … drumroll… Njoki Mburu!! She is a super cool influencer. Stay tuned for that cause kuna some gems kwa hio article for y’all.

Next, tumecheza a really funny game of Never Have I Ever with our beautiful WhatsApp admins on page 16 na hizo answers had us dying!! This is a great game ku-try out with your besties! Speaking of fun things to do with your besties, umepitia SKY Hub ama bado? 

SKY Hub ni a cute place where our SKY Fam can come and hang out, watch PAA and SISTA Show, take dance classes, tengeneza content and much more! All for free just for our SKY Fam. Utapata all the details on page 30.

Last but not least, tukona a new app available on Play Store for the girlieessss. Itakusaidia ku-keep track of your period na kujua when your next period will be! I love it and nafikiria every girl should have it on their phone. Inaitwa the Oky Kenya App make sure ucheki what it’s all about on page 21.

Hope you enjoy reading this mag vile tuli-enjoy making it for y’all! 


-Tatiana Kiara

19 Years Old