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2nd March 2023
  • Sasa Njoki, Si we’ve been looking forward to talking to you! How are you doing?

Poa sana. I am doing soo fine, I hope mko poa pia SKY girls🥰


  • So when did you know that fashion, make up and dressing up is your thing? 

Nilidiscover hii over time. Lakini it all started when I developed an interest in dressing up, looking good na expressing myself through my fashion.


  • And what would you say is not your thing?

Smoking na bad vibes are definitely not my thing. My page and brand ni all about good vibes, expressing myself through vitu na love and most importantly focusing on my goals.


  • Unakuanga na such confidence and grace to you. Where does it come from?

It has taken a while kuget the confidence I have. It has been a process of a lot of self doubt, imposter syndrome and kuskia kama I’m not good enough. Lakini I believe in myself na kujijua imesaidia na confidence. Bado sijafika my prime but najua I’m getting there.


  • We are learning to be as confident as you. What do you do when you feel unsure or insecure about something? 

When I feel unsure or insecure nachukua some time to think of why I am doing something. Kama the choices I’ve made make sense, I go ahead with them. If I can’t control the solution, I just embrace it and move on.


  • Actually, you always look beautiful. What are your body-care and skincare tips? 

Umm for my body care I wouldn’t say I have a routine. I’ve gone to the gym before but I stopped, planning on getting back though. For my skincare I am such a minimalist. I just use Tumeric soap, rosewater, grapeseed oil and a mask once in a while.


  • What are your thoughts on relationships?

Ni sawa kukuwa in a relationship but make sure that’s what you want for yourself at that particular time. I feel like its important to take your time before making that decision of getting physical with a guy. There’s no need to rush things aki. Fanya when you’re ready sio juu mtu anakupressure


  • SKY Sis Di asks “Unadeal aje with negativity and judgement on social media, juu saa zingine watu huwa mean.”

Nadhani being a public figure unafaa kukuwa na tough skin juu that’s the only way you’ll survive na kujijua itasaidia kulenga negative comments. One thing about me I try my best kuavoid negative vibes juu it’s not my thing


  • And finally, what keeps you going and how do you stay true to what you believe in?

First thing that keeps me going and staying true to myself is knowing the life I want for myself. I know I need to stay true to myself to become the independent lady I wanna be and live out my dreams.  Alafu pia you guys who keep encouraging me pale kwa DMs, I appreciate y’all so much <3

Thanks sana Njoki for coming through na kubonga na sisi! Tunakupenda sana and we can’t wait to see you soar! SKY girls kama kunaceleb unataka kuona kwa magazine, tushow pale IG @SKYGIRLSKE