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SKY Hub: The ultimate hangout spot

2nd March 2023
  • Dance Classes with your fave TikToker


One of our fave activities imekuwa the dance classes with Kendi Q aka Christine Kendi every Saturday from 11 am - 2 pm. What we love about this is how y’all pull up kuhave a good time, learn new dance moves for FREE alafu mnachat afterwards about confidence and how to stay true to yourself and what you love. Ama aje?


  • Watch Wednesday & Sunday Screenings


Our favourite teen shows, SISTA Show SSN 3 na PAA SSN 2 zililaunch and what better way to watch them than with your SKY sistas at SKY Hub? Kama bado haujawatch ama unapenda kuwatch the shows over and over again, jitokelezee alafu tuwatch pamoja tukidiscuss our favourite scenes and characters from 2 pm - 6 pm.


  • Talk Thursdays


Kama teen girls, tunajua we deserve a safe space where tunaweza kuja kuongea about the things that affect us the most, right? Ndio maana SKY Hub is there, on Thursdays unaweza pull up from 2 pm - 5 pm ndio tubonge about relationships, pressure and machallenges tunaweza kuwa tunaface. We all deserve to make our own choices na tuko hapa kama SKY girls kusaidiana.


  • Open Mic & Content Creation Days


One thing we love about SKY girls ni talent mko nayo, y’all are gifted kabisa. That’s why tuko na open sessions on Saturday from 2 pm - 6 pm where unacome kushow off your talent. Kama ni dancing, singing, poetry, spoken word, whatever it is. Na the best part is tunaget kucreate content pamoja for our social media pages pale IG, TikTok na pia WhatsApp.


And there you have it babes, the ultimate hangout spot for us SKY girls with some dope activities you shouldn’t miss. Kama you have been to the SKYHUB tushow pale IG @SKYGIRLSKE or talk to us on +254 799 759759 and tell us what your favourite moment has been so far.