Take The Pledge Today


2nd March 2023
  • On creativity:

Unapenda kuandika and are very creative, kwanza with DIY's. Sijui mbona unaficha that creative side from everyone, but it's okay, bado unaexplore everything you can from music to drama to journalism, you’re doing amazing.


  • On school:

Your study method works for you, so just do that aki, don't struggle with doing what everyone else does. Stick to your things even though not everyone is doing the same thing. Also take time to try out different school activities ndio you find your niche


  1. On friends: 

We have been through this over and over again: not all friendships are meant to last and that's okay. Kuwa na like-minded friends and y’all will grow together...don't force friendships, it should feel natural.


  1. On fashion:

All those magazines you have in your closet ni poa for inspiration. You are still discovering yourself, na unapenda fashion. Don't be afraid to stand out and be unique. Wear more colour please!!!😂


  • On failure:

It's okay to fail hunnie, it doesn't mean you are a failure. That's how you learn and  grow...you cannot be perfect, don't focus on trying to be perfect.


  • On boys:

Vanessa, boys are definitely not a major priority right now. I know there's that one guy you hang out with during symposiums, keep having fun but don’t get caught up in the pressure of what some people are doing with guys.


  • On peer pressure:

Hey baby girl, be your own person. I know sometimes it is hard lakini deep down unajijua. Keep the values you had. Getting better grades and making time for study groups is a good kind of peer pressure but smoking is negative pressure. You know better and do better with everything including friends.


  • On the future:

Remember everything you do right now, itakuwa na results later, so make sure you make the right choices, have the right friends, and ask yourself if you are happy with your choices and if you are staying true to yourself.


  • On doing what you love:

Vanessa, baby girl you need to surround yourself with inspiration, people who have experience in what you want to do and what you love doing. Don't give up, embrace it, be diverse, be persistent and don't be shy.

Thanks sana Vanessa for sharing wisdom yako na sisi! We love to see you chase your dreams. SKY babes make sure kucatch Vanessa on PAA Season 2 pale on our YouTube page @SKYGIRLSKE  and find out more about pressure character yake Sam anaface.