Take The Pledge Today


2nd March 2023

Us as SKY Girls, tunajua tuko free ku-make our own choices. Sometimes, we know exactly what the best choice is lakini inakuanga ngumu to say no to our friends na ku-stand by hio choice. So, yangu ni ku-help you figure out ways to be firm in your decisions.  

Step 1: Know Your Boundaries

Kwanza, it helps kujua boundaries zako. This comes from knowing what is and isn’t your thing.  

Your thing: ______________

Not your thing: ___________

By knowing this, tunakua able kujua hizo vitu that we automatically say no to bila ata ku-think  about it juu those are your boundaries. For example, smoking which is the #1 not my thing among  SKY Girls kwa hivyo as a SKY girl, uko na boundary ya kuavoid kusmoke na pia kama you are dating na unapatia pressure ya kuget initmate before you are ready

Step 2: How to Say No

After tumejijua, the next part ni where it gets  tricky. This is where we have to stand by our choices and to say no to our friends and agemates when wanatuwekelea pressure kufanya vitu that we know is not our thing. You can say no in different ways kama

  • Sorry, but that’s not my thing.
  • Thanks but i’m good without it.
  • Simply saying no.
  • Give a reason as to why hautaki.
  • Pia unaweza make joke kureduce tension ya hio pressure.
  • Step 3: Get advice from SKY Big Sistas

My boyfriend wants to get intimate but I’m not ready. I love him so much and I don’t want to break up with him?

  • Just tell him that you are not ready and if he loves you, he will respect your decision to wait. - SKY Sis Ally
  • Be honest with him about what you are ready for at this time. Wacha akupeleke pole pole, hakuna rush. - SKY Sis Karen
  • Relationships are not only for getting physical, there are other things mnaweza fanya kujuana. - SKY Sis Mary


SKY Tip: Unaweza sema kitu kama, ‘babe, I’m not ready to get physical saa hii juu najaribu kufocus on what I love.”

Can one still be friends with someone that smokes, even after trying to get them to stop?

  • Kuna proverb ya, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. Kama mabeshte wako huu smoke and it’s not your thing it’s up to you kudecide what is best for you, juu unajijua. - SKY Sis Tammy
  • Be open with them and say smoking is not your thing. - SKY Sis Ashley
  • If they love you as much as you do, wata respect your decision. Mabeshte wanaweza like different things, kitu muhimu ni you know who you are and what you want. - SKY Sis Ciku

SKY Tip: Unaweza sema joke kama, “zii mi sitaki meno zangu zikuwe yellow kama maembe alafu siwezi smile.”

Usisahau that you are not alone, most teenagers hawajawahi smoke. Staying true to you is the coolest thing you can do.