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SKY STORIES: SKY girls share moments they stayed true to themselves

2nd March 2023

So, there was this time I went to see my friend and he was smoking vape. So akanishow pia mimi nitry. Even though alinioffer, I said zii it’s not my thing. Ata kama haina tobacco, ikona nicotine na hio ni drug yenye inapatikana kwa cigarettes na shisha pia. Hakuna one that is better than the other tbh so i’d rather just stay away.

  • Mellow


Sometimes naskia pressure ku-have sex, lakini nina baki super confident even under pressure, juu I know the value of staying true to myself. 

  • Monique Bul


Some of my friends had been asking me to spend my Saturday’s with them but I know they smoke during that time. I’m not into it and I wanted to do what I felt was fun and exciting, so I started attending the dance classes with Kendi at the SKY hub.

  • Janita


A few of my classmates walikuwa wananipressure kufanya things within our friend groups that I wasn’t okay with. Niliwashow that isn’t my thing and I’m not going to do it.

  • Yvette


I’ve been pressured to gossip about mtu mwingine before…I did, lakini nilimake a conscious decision to only say nice things about them aki come up in conversations.

  • Lily


Nilikuwa bully at some point na naskia vibaya juu ya past choices zangu. Lakini, I’m a changed person. Kuna time my old friends tried to pressure me into bullying someone else but najijua, so I said no, that’s not my thing anymore. 

  • Julia

We love to hear it SKY babes! We are glad mnajua how to stay true to yourself and say zii to the things you are good without.