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SKY Quiz: Am I making the right choice for me?

31st October 2023

Wassup Sky Sis! Since this edition imekua about CHOICES, we thought why not have a SKY QUIZ to figure out if we are making the best CHOICES for us? Take this quiz and add up points zako to find out kama uko on the path that is true to you.

1. My friends always pressure me to smoke shisha when we hangout

  • Me hua sidai hizo fom juu shisha iko na tobacco and hio si cool - 3 points
  • Most of the time me who sema zii, lakini once in a while nitajaribu - 2 points
  • It’s fine coz they’re my squad and we do everything together  - 1 point

2. My partner gets mad when I don’t hangout with him every day

    • He just wants to be close to me, hakuna shida - 1 point
    • He should understand that I have school work - 2 point
    • He is insecure and it’s not good for me -  3 point

3. My friends want me to go watch football with them instead of drawing. 

    • Football isn’t my thing and my squad respects that so we’ll hangout another time - 3 points
    • This is how they want to spend time with me - 1 point
    • It’s a squad thing so I’ll find another time to draw -  2 points

4. My partner is always chatting with other girls but when I call him he says he is busy 

    • Anaeza kua busy by tha way, I’ll try another time - 2 points
    • Nitabonga na yeye na nimshow vile na feel -  3 points
    • Just ignore it. Whatever. -  1 point

5. My friends always want us to hang out every day but I’m always busy with school. 

    • Snob them. Wata get the hint - 1 point
    • Nitajaribu kuexplain school schedule ya mine alafu tuhangout another time - 3 points
    • Hangout with them. Shule inaweza ngoja - 2 points

6. My best friend is always jealous about me passing my exams 

    • Si shida yangu, pia yeye anafaa kung’ang’ana - 1  point
    • Talk to her about it, alafu nitamhelp kurevise - 3 points
    • Jealousy ni red flag in friendships so afadhali nipate new best friend - 2 points

7. I’m always supporting my friends but when I need them huwa wananiruka  

    • Cut them off. Na deserve mabeshte watanisupport -  2 points
    • Nitawasho how I feel. Labda wata change - 3 points
    • Try find something good wamenifanyia, kila mtu akona maisha yake - 1 points

8. My partner doesn’t like my friends, what should I do? 

    • Cut off my friends and remain with him - 1 point
    • Cut off partner wa mine, mabeshte wangu ni forever - 2 points 
    • Bring them together. Tuki hangout pamoja ata jua they are good friends - 3 points

9. Partner wangu alini slap after team ya futa ili lose

    • Hii vitu huhappen, alikuwa tu angry in the moment - 1 point
    • Break up with him. Na deserve healthy relationship where niko safe - 3 points
    • Mshow si fiti kunislap. Hio ni abuse -  2 points

10. Dancing is my thing, while sports is my best friends thing

    • Make her love dancing. Friends lazima wafanye the same thing - 1 point
    • We are okay just like that ata kama choices zetu ni different - 3 points
    • Find something we have in common to do together -  2 points



*Add up all your points to get your results

21 - 30 points:

Sis unajijua! You make choices that are true to you and this hukupatia positive results all the time. Keep it up girl!

11 - 20 points:

Sis unajivalue lakini sometimes unafind it tricky kumake those choices for yourself, especially with your friends. Hii ni struggle normal. Take time kuthink through your choices juu it’s okay for friends kuhave different choices and interests.

1 - 10 points:

Sis, you might be struggling kumake choices for yourself lakini you its never too late to start making better choices. Kumbuka unafaa kuji prioritise and make those positive choices for yourself. Even in relationships, partner wa yours anafaa kurespect your choices na boundaries sio making you feel guilty ama questioning your trust in him.

Tunahope quiz imekuhelp kufigure out kama unamake the right choices for you. Remember, the SKY community is here for you whenever unaneed help. BTW share your results with us pale DMs IG @SKYGIRLSKE.